SupaCentre Supahills

A solid workout at week 3 of the Dangerously Fit 6 week body session.

The huge rolling hill behind Moore Park Golf Course is a challenging workout at the best of times – but this morning was extra hot and humid!

Well done everyone for completing the session and congratulations to Andie for finishing the workout in 1st place – only 3 weeks into the program and we can already see big improvements in everyones fitness levels.

For a 3rd week running the yellow team won the team game completing the most amount of hill sprints (8) in a 10 minute period.

Next week we’ll be at a new location – be sure to check our 6 Week Body Facebook page for all the details.

Below are some pics of todays workout – till next week… train hard!

Dan Clay
Dangerously Fit

sydney boot camp

The 6 Week Body Crew Tackling Hill #1 of #13

boot camp moore park

Getting some Ab work done in between sprints

fitness moore park golf course

The hills at the Moore Park Supacentre are an awesome cardio workout!

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