Big shout out to all of the transformers who came to smash the Sand Dunes last Saturday! Massive effort from everyone.

We warmed up at the base, then ran 2km with the ropes to reach the Dunes.

The full circuit is : 5 different Rope exercises, warm up your legs with ladder drills and go for the biggest dune ascension! When at the top, run down the opposite side, bear crawl all the way up and go for the running loop. Add an extra challenging dune and run back to the camp. This is 1 lap! All together, the 5 laps is 8.5km.

Thumbs up for Jeremy who destroyed the 50 minute mark with 48.47m for 5 laps! That’s what we call a cracking time!

And well done to the Grey Team who won the challenge, getting 3 person through the line before any other team.

Keep up the amazing effort everyone and we look forward to seeing you at the Final this Saturday!

Dan Clay

Dangerously Fit

The ascension of the biggest Dune

The ascension of the steepest Dune

Rope Exercises

5 rope exercises to complete before the run


Bear crawl up the hill

Bear Crawl all the way up the hill


Sand Dunes immensity

We feel so tiny in those never ending Sand Dunes!