I’m going to be going through my four favourite club exercises for working the shoulders. So, with club training, pretty much anything you’re going to be doing is going to be working your grip and shoulders, but these 4 stand out as some of the best;

  1. Alternating shield cast
  2. Alternating mills
  3. Alternating flag press to arm cast + torch press
  4. Double advanced shoulder cast to iron cross rotation

Alternating Shield Cast: Hold two clubs in the order position, cast one club over the shoulder while stabilizing the other, ensure the triceps are in full flexion during the back swing.

Alternating Mill: Perform the reverse mill, swing, then the regular mill. Alternate between the two using a lateral swing to switch between the movements.

Alternating Flag Press, Arm Cast + Torch Press: Engage in horizontal and vertical pushing movements while stabilizing two clubs, challenging both grip and shoulder strength.

Double Advanced Shoulder Cast to Iron Cross Rotation: Hold two clubs at 45° away from the body, perform shoulder casts with rotation in the transverse plane, emphasizing shoulder stability and rotational strength.