When people think of club training, they think of upper body strength, particularly shoulders, grip, and core.

However, much like other strength training tools the heavy club can also be used for full-body strength and conditioning.

In this video, I’m demonstrating my favourite Heavy Club Leg Exercises.

  • Sumo squat + twist & lunge flag press
  • Clock squat
  • Order squat
  • F / R Lunge with twist
  • Toe squat
  • Mill squats
  • Shoulder clean
  • Barbarian Squat
  • Swing to reverse lunge + flag press

Sumo Squat into Twist and Lunge

  • Set feet wide, toes out.
  • Hold club at shoulder height.
  • Squat low, knees tracking toes.
  • Pivot into lunge, knee stacked over heel.
  • Press club away, return to starting position.

Clock Squat

  • Cast club to left forearm, catch on right.
  • Squat as club approaches body.
  • Rotate back to start, repeat to opposite side.

Hold Squat

  • Feet shoulder-width apart.
  • Grip club, maintain vertical position.
  • Squat low, knees tracking toes.
  • Drive through heels to stand.

Forward-Reverse Lunge into Twist

  • Step into forward lunge, twist over front leg.
  • Return to start, step into reverse lunge.
  • Twist over front leg again.

Toe Squats

  • Balance on balls of feet.
  • Grip club, maintain upright position.
  • Squat low, keeping knees tracking toes.
  • Drive through ground to stand.

Mill Squats

  • Perform forward Mill squat.
  • Step with opposite foot.
  • Repeat with reverse Mill squat.
  • Add step for extra challenge.

Shoulder Clean

  • Swing club towards body.
  • Drop into squat, catch on shoulder.
  • Step out if desired for more quad engagement.

Barbarian Squat

  • Perform two-handed arm cast.
  • Drop into low squat, club over body.
  • Return to starting position, engage core.

Swing into Reverse Lunge with Flag Press

  • Swing club forward, step back into lunge.
  • Drive hips forward, engage core.
  • Press club overhead into flag position.
  • Alternate sides, maintain control.