Today using our Maverick Torque Club, I’m diving into seven variations of club exercises that you can incorporate into your training program.

While there are many more in our Steel Club Supremacy Course, we’ll focus on seven of my personal favourites here.

  1. Two-Handed Mill: Begin with a longer club like the Maverick, casting it out to the side and rotating through the hips for a comprehensive workout.

  2. Two-Handed Rotational Mill: Cast the club to one side, rotate, and then cast it behind the back for balanced engagement.

  3. Traditional Mill: Perform a fluid motion across the body, ensuring proper weight distribution and elbow positioning for optimal results.

  4. Reverse Mill: Similar to the traditional mill but in the opposite direction, emphasizing rotation and outside elbow circles.

  5. Alternating Mill: Combine the traditional and reverse mill into one fluid movement, alternating between the two for a dynamic workout.

  6. Switch Mill: Transition smoothly between traditional and reverse mills, switching arms for balanced development.

  7. Switch Reverse Mill: Cast the club away from the midline, rotate, and switch hands mid-movement for a challenging variation.

Remember to maintain proper form, including shoulder stability and core engagement, throughout each exercise.

Let’s put these variations into practice and enhance your clubbbell training!