Want to train with Aqua bags?

Here are the four types of exercises you can perform with a Dangerously Fit Aqua Bag.

  1. Stable lifts
  2. Rhythm lifts
  3. Collision lifts
  4. Tilt Lifts

Stable Lifts

The goal of stable lifts is to keep the water as level as possible and not allow it to slosh around too much inside the bag. Stable lifts are slower, more controlled and require constant muscle tension.

Rhythm Lifts

The goal of a rhythm lift is to flow in sync with the water. These types of exercises are dynamic, explosive, and multi-joint movements. Rhythm lifts are not only demanding on the muscles but will quickly elevate the heart rate and provide a great cardiovascular workout.

Collision Lifts

The goal of collision lifts is to create as much force inside the bag as possible, or to get hit by the water. These high impact exercises are excellent for building connective tissue capacities, developing explosiveness and adaptability to outside forces.

Tilt Lifts

The goal of tilt lifts is to increase the force by gently tilting the bag to one side and letting the water flow in that direction. Tilt lifts automatically force the core to engage and stabilise the unilateral load through anti-rotation. The added weight of the water on the lowered also makes that side of the body work harder to control, stabilise and move the extra weight.