The word boot camp is derived from the military training where cadets are trained to become soldiers or military officers. The camps involve rigorous exercise like stretching, running, relays, pushups, pull ups, and obstacles. Boot camps in  Bronte have become the most popular form of exercise.

boot camp bronte

Gyms or individual trainers bring together a group of like-minded individuals who have a common goal to achieve through rigorous work outs. The camps are held out in the open, in gardens and other open spaces.


If your aim is to lose weight, you would go to a gym. But if you are embarrassed to do so because of social circumstances or for any other reason, you would look for an alternative. Hiring a personal trainer can be expensive as well as inconvenient. This is one of the main reasons why  Bronte boot camps have gained popularity.

Fresh Air

When you work out at a gym, you are moving from one set of four walls to another but at a fitness boot camp at  Bronte or any place else, you have the added advantage of working out in the open. The fresh garden air invigorates your mind body and soul. It infuses you with a zest to take your exercise seriously and achieve your goal.


Boot camp exercises involve sports like running, obstacles, and relay. These sports are not only a great form of exercise; they also have a recreational value. You not only exercise but have fun while you do it. This lightens your spirit and makes the work out seem less tedious and not so much of a grind. This is another reason why fitness boot camps in  Bronte are so popular.

Support Group

Any boot camp in  Bronte or any other place, comprises of like-minded individuals who come together to achieve a common goal. Since everybody is working to achieve the same goal, such groups take the form of support groups.

Friendships struck in this atmosphere often last for a life time. Members of the group maintain contact even after the camp has broken up and continue to motivate one another so that all of them can keep up the pace set during the camp.

Head Start

Many of us need that extra push when it comes to taking up something seriously and exercise is no different.  Bronte boot camps are the ideal place to motivate you to work out regularly.

The results of the boot camp can be seen quickly since the camps are of short durations and more intense than regular workouts.

Once you attend a boot camp and see the results for yourself, you get the inertia to work out and the routine can be kept up with just a little extra effort from your side.

Endurance, Discipline and Confidence

Bronte boot camps not only train you to work out, they also induct discipline, build confidence, and inculcate endurance. Your body and mind is trained to follow a certain routine and work within the set format. Working out with other like-minded people gives you the feeling that you are not alone in your struggle and helps build your confidence.

Camaraderie and Harmony

The simple act of working out together instils a feeling of camaraderie and a sense of harmony among the group. You work towards achieving your own goal but the fact that you are in a group requires that you work with one another to achieve your goal.

Bronte boot camps have gained popularity because people attending the camps carry the feelings of camaraderie and harmony, home with them and find a great deal of improvement in the way they deal with their family.

The feeling is injected into everything they do and it helps make their life more peaceful and loving.

Fitness boot camps at  Bronte or any other place work well when the group is homogenous and everyone is working to achieve a common goal albeit for themselves.

The exercises are specifically designed to achieve these goals so that the results are visible at the end of the camp and you get a sense of achievement which you may not get if you attend a gym or work out at home.

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