Everybody knows what to look for from a Playboy Bunny, and that’s exactly a well-toned and fit physique. Now, you can have it, too. With the launched of the Bunny Bootcamp at London-based gym ‘Gymbox,’ it says that it can help women have the confidence, zest and health the Bunnies enjoy.

The 45-minute challenging workout promises the participants achieve a Bunny Beautiful bodies. Valerie Golson of Playboy, who handles all Bunny recruitment, said that the Playboy Bunnies are recognized for their wonderful personalities and their costumes. With this, they used this as an inspiration to partner with Gymbox to design a workout that will celebrate the Playboy figure and allows women to feel healthy and empowered.

The Bunny Bootcamp claims to promote women's natural curves. Photo By: metro.co.uk

The Bunny Bootcamp claims to promote women’s natural curves.
Photo By: metro.co.uk

The intense workout routine includes aerobic and anaerobic exercises along with interval training, so be prepared to get sweaty if you opt to give it a shot.  Moreover, included in their workout routine is a ‘Bunny Perch,’ a signature Playboy Bunny moves to welcome guests. The popular ‘Bunny Dip’ is also included, allowing the Bunny to serve drinks while maintaining her modesty.   The boot camp class, which is choreographed by Gymbox has actually been tested by the Playboy Bunnies and had given the thumbs up prior to its launch.

In order to roll-out the Bunny Bootcamp, Gymbox and Playboy have gathered a panel to make the Bunny Measurement Index or BMI. It is an innovative take on the standard Body Mass Index and comes with physicality, personal presentation and inner confidence to create a Bunny measurement score. You can check out the BMI at www.bunnymeasurementindex.co.uk and for those who score above 97% shall be welcomed to the Club for a launching to be a Playboy Bunny.

Become a Playboy Bunny in Just 45 Minutes

According to Gymbox, the fitness chain behind the official Playboy Bunny Bootcamp, the workout is: “inspired by the confidence, health and zest for life of the Playboy Bunnies who made the Playboy Clubs famous for more than 50 years,” and not, as one might assue, by the ‘in-and-out-in-all-the-right places of the bunnies’ bodies.

“Our Bunnies are known for their beautiful personalities, and looking very cute in their costumes,” explains Valerie Golson, who as vice president of location based entertainment at Playboy, manages all Bunny recruitment.

Created to provide Bunny Bootcamp participants the opportunity to monitor their improvement and for women all over the world to determine their own BMI score, it strives to a lot of women to optimize their natural   figure and boost their inner confidence.

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