Getting into great shape with boot camp Brighton is definitely a chance of a lifetime. It’s a challenge of your stamina, an investment in yourself, and an overall sense of accomplishment and success as the training course is completed. Boot camp enables you to have fun in your group workouts, meet new friends as well as other activities that will result in a brand new you and a totally new future.

What is Boot Camp Brighton?

A Brighton boot camp is a group fitness class led by a personal trainer who specialises in specific types of training people to help achieve their fitness goals. The workout routines are customized designed to aid individuals increase flexibility, strength, endurance and lose weight. Because Dangerously Fit bootcamp is created to train a group of people with the same needs, it will be much easier for our participants to complete the program due to the group support benefits.

boot camp brighton

Boot Camp Brighton is designed to aid individuals increase their flexibility, strength, endurance and lose weight.

Why Use A Brighton Boot Camp To Get Fit?

Dangerously Fit boot camp is best for individuals who have difficulty in losing weight and exercise alone. Hiring a personal trainer can be beneficial, but this option is costly compared to training in a group. Choosing a Brighton boot camp will cost you a fraction of what a Brighton personal trainer cost’s and will get even better results.

The Benefits of Working Out With A Group

Exercising in a group is fun and a great way to meet new friends that have the same goal in getting fit and healthy.

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With group fitness Brighton you’ll be training with likeminded people.

Our Boot Camp Is Good For Beginners To Advanced Participants

Dangerously Fit boot camp offer regular fitness assessment to gauge your current fitness levels. If a participant is at beginner level, they’ll be evaluated and their progression will be noted. Each of our 6 week body transformation programs starts with an orientation period for sign up, our rules and regulations, and so forth. Each session begins with a warm-up and then a workout that may last from 40 minutes to an hour.

The workout consists of different exercises such as squats, pushups, sprints, lunges, core strength and plyometrics training. For an added spice in your workout, there could also be some group competition, and an obstacle course to deal with. Our class ends with a cool-down. As the program concludes, there’s typically an additional evaluation to check out how you are progressing and how close you are to your fitness goals.

The Benefits of Boot Camp Brighton Workouts              

Following our boot camp workouts is an excellent way to get fit and healthy. The determination to lose weight and keep it off is impressive, and the amazing health benefits are for real, and that is the reason why boot camp works best for a lot of people. You will find proven methods that incorporate resistance and cardiovascular training techniques, as well as weight training, which boost metabolism and builds muscle. Exercising regularly helps prevent heart diseases and wards off osteoporosis, and other life-changing benefits. There are lots of benefits to signing up for a boot camp Brighton workout program and anyone thinking of a fitness program, we can tailor workouts that best suits your needs.

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bullet1 Where to find our Dolls Point Bootcamp: We meet at Dolls Point on the Beach directly opposite “Le Beach Hut Cafe”