Aqua Bulgarian Bag Spin

The Aqua Bulgarian bag spin is a fantastic exercise for building circular shoulder strength, rotational core strength, aerobic conditioning and grip strength. You’ll get no rest with this exercise making it an extremely metabolically challenging movement to perform. Go for reps or time and get your heart pumping!


Aqua Bag Mills

Aqua bag mills are an excellent exercise for building circular shoulder strength and rotational core strength. Start with the side swipe and then build up to the full movement, start with Bulgarian bag if you need to before progressing onto the Aqua bag.

Aqua bag swipes

Aqua Bag Swipes

The Aqua bag swipe is a steel club exercise but it can also be performed with the Aqua bag (or Bulgarian bag). I particularly like this exercise with the Aqua bag as the force of the water really makes you engage the core to absorb the bag as it lands across the back of the…

Aqua Bag Side Swing Squat

Aqua Bag Side Swing Squat

The Aqua bag side swing squat is essentially the same exercise as the swing squat except it’s performed in the frontal plane (laterally). This is an excellent exercise for strengthening the legs and for developing rotational core strength. When initiating this exercise perform a few smaller reps with the Bulgarian bag to build momentum before…

Aqua Bag Swing Squat

Aqua Bag Swing Squat

The Aqua Bag Swing Squat is an exercise I like very much and a great leg builder. The hip dominant muscles are targeted during the swing and the quad muscles are worked during the squat. The core muscles are also forced to constantly engage to control the water as it sloshes around inside the bag.…


Aqua Bag Side Clean

The Aqua bag side clean is exactly the same exercise as the traditional clean, except it’s performed in the frontal plane. Whenever performing Aqua bag or Bulgarian bag frontal plane swinging movements, always remember to charge your weight in the opposite direction to offset the weight of the bag.


Aqua Bag Side Swing

The Aqua bag side swing is an excellent frontal plane exercise and a fundamental movement to master when training with the Aqua bag or Bulgarian bag. The shape of the bag lends itself perfectly to these swinging movements and is something that separates the Bulgarian bag from other types of training bags.


Aqua Bag Swing Squat

Very similar to the Aqua Bulgarian bag swing except you’ll immediately drop into a squat at the top of the upswing. The Aqua bag swing squat is an excellent leg builder with the hip hinge hitting the hip dominant muscles and the squat hitting the quad dominant muscles.