kettlebell shovelling swing

Kettlebell Shovelling Swing

A similar exercise to the two kettlebell handed swing, except the kettlebell shovelling swing also combines some thoracic rotation with the hip hinge. An excellent athletic movement that will build a powerful core, strong hips and adds some variety to the traditional swing. Enjoy! Wishing you the best of health, Dan Clay Dangerously Fit

kettlebell side clean

Kettlebell Side Clean

  The Kettlebell Side Clean is a nice variation to the standard kettlebell clean. Although I prefer this movement with the clubbell, throwing them into a kettlebell workout adds variety to traditional workouts that tend to be more sagittal plane focused. There are 4 movements you can train; Right arm inside Right arm outside Left…

kettlebell clean technique

Kettlebell Clean Technique

The kettlebell clean is an important movement in kettlebell training, it moves the kettlebell from the swing or from floor into the rack position. Try not to let the kettlebell bang on the back of the hand, the biggest mistake I see personal trainers make when I’m running courses is performing a swing clean where…

single arm staggered stance kettlebell swing

Single Arm Staggered Stance Kettlebell Swing

In recent years fitness pro’s are increasingly viewing the body as an integrated structure that moves through inter-muscular coordination. These sling systems criss cross the body and connect with web-like connective tissue allowing the muscles to communicate and work together to create movement. By adjusting our training we’re able to activate these sling systems along…