Exercise that requires vertical movements such as jumping rope might suppress feelings of hunger a lot better than other types of exercise, according to a new study from Japan.

Studies show that exercise curbs hunger for a short while, and studies have indicated that appetite-regulating hormones or ghrelin released through the gut are taking part in this effect.

Skipping Rope Can Curb Hunger, According to Study Photo by: nononsensemusclebuildingbuy.com

Skipping Rope Can Curb Hunger, According to Study
Photo by: nononsensemusclebuildingbuy.com

Researchers, wanted to determine if exercises that include up and down body weight movements that result in “gut disturbance,” basically influence hormones like ghrelin that our body releases if we’re hungry. In addition, the study compared the hunger level in men, which performed rope-skipping to individuals who performed cycling.

Before this new study, several studies claim that running reduces hunger a lot more than cycling and that skipping rope can curb hunger over running. As there is not any horizontal movement in skipping rope, it’s more of a weight-bearing exercise in comparison with running.

As stated by the researchers, skipping rope contributes to more gut disturbance and can induce greater appetite-suppression.

To evaluate their idea, researchers examined 15 healthy men that had the average age of 24 years. The men were instructed to work out on a stationary bike, jump rope for about 30 minutes, or rest on non-consecutive days.

After their workout, the men’s appetite hormone levels were measured. In addition, the men were asked how hungry they were and how much they craved for sweets, sour, salty and fatty foods. The result indicated that an individual who cycled in a stationary bike and skipped rope was less hungry compared to those who had regulated resting sessions.

However, 25 minutes to their workout, men who jumped rope was less hungry compared to those men who did cycling. Moreover, researchers discovered that those who worked out have less craving for unhealthy foods, and it was more apparent for those men who skipped rope. On top of that, those who performed cycling felt hungrier right after their cycling session as compared to the time when they performed skipping rope sessions.

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The Exercise That Kills Cravings

The next time you feel a craving coming on, grab a jump rope. Skipping rope can help suppress hunger, according to new research from Japan.

Men who jumped rope for three 10-minute sets showed greater suppression of their appetites than those who burned a similar number of calories cycling. What’s more, the effect lasted for 15 minutes after exercise.

With these results, the study figured that cycling, instead of skipping rope, result in hunger that ultimately makes those who jumped rope catch up on the energy they burned by eating.

On the other hand, the study figured out that there was no apparent difference in the gut hormone levels among those who performed skipping rope and cycling. As a result, there can be other explanation or mechanism why those who skipped rope felt less hungry unlike when they worked out on a stationary bike.

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