Some people believe that they can’t improve their activity due to physical constraints like poor balance, bad knees, arthritis, difficulty breathing, and many others. Chair exercises are a great way to help increase activity without having to put a lot of strain on the body, lungs and joints.

There are various exercises that you can perform using the chair alone. You can do pelvic tilts to strengthen your back. These can be performed through pushing backwards to the back of the chair using the pelvic area. Once the lower back is shoved on the back of the chair, you will then release the pressure and then get back to the normal sitting position. You can do it for 10-20 reps.

Chair Workout: Tricep Dip Kick Photo by:

Chair Workout: Triceps Kick Dips
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You can also try performing shrugs and circles. These types of exercises must be repeated in sets, along with a bit of head rolls to strengthen the neck. In addition, you can as well tilt your head sideways to the muscles of your neck.

Moreover, you can also do some hand stretching and finger stretching. Finger flexion is another great exercise. For your chest muscles, make sure to lock your hands in your back and push a little upward. On the other hand, for your lower body, you can work out your legs by simply stretching at your front and bring them up one after the other.

For added challenge, you can do chair exercise with light exercise equipment intended for lesser workout weight. This improves your strength, so make sure you apply certain stretching exercise first to get your muscle mass warmed up to do the task. By using light weights, you can try some curls, which are best for your biceps and can strengthen your shoulder area.

Other fitness equipment can be utilized for highly preferred Bow Flex along with other elastic materials that will put a lot of pressure on groups of muscles. You can make use of your chair to keep your current health and enhance your body.

Watch the video to learn some chair exercises you can apply at home.

2-Minute Chair Workout

You will be able to exercise without the need of moving from your chair, and these kinds of exercises can be suitable for seniors or maybe those who are usually restricted in the techniques they could use to get in shape.

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