If you’ve you been hibernating this winter like a big old grizzly hiding from a harsh Alaskan winter….

Waking up in the morning with good intentions to exercise… only to hit the snooze button one too many times…

Then, getting home from work tired and sitting in front of the heater watching Netflix specials whilst indulging in comfort food like a HUUUUUGE couch potato.

Then… it’s time to get your ass back to training.

Coz not only is your body getting soft, but way more importantly… your inner being is becoming weeeeaaaak.

And… that’s a very slippery slope.

Coz once you get comfortable and stop doing the uncomfortable you begin accepting the status quo that being a out of shape is A.O.K (like 5-10 kilos).

Some trainers will BS you and tell you that it’s; “all good as long as you’re comfortable with yourself”.

F#kc that!

I’m here to tell you that ‘you can do better and that you don’t need to accept the status quo’.

I’m here to tell you to ‘stop being lazy and to get your lazy ass moving again’.

I know what some people might be thinking…

“how dare he say such things…. this man is so rude, has he never heard of being politically correct?”

Yes, I did hear about it… once.

So… stop whining and get your ass back to training!


Hopefully by now I’ve cleansed my list from all the whiners, naysayers and negative people that I don’t want at Dangerously Fit… which leaves you… the action taker, the lad or ladette that wants to better themselves and look f#cking amazing this summer!

If you’ve read this far without being offended, unsubscribing, or hitting the reply button to tell me your (unwanted) thoughts.

Then, you’re invited to join me in the 21-Day Jump Start Program.


  • 21-Days of unlimited boot camp (or online workouts if you don’t live in Sydney)
  • 21 days of fasting using the 16/8 protocol – fasting for 16

hours and eating for 8 (nutrition plans and guidance is provided).

  • And… a good daily kick up the ass from yours truly if you don’t stick with the program.

If you need to jump start your health and fitness before spring arrives, then, in my honest and my massively biased opinion – this is the program to do it.

You can get all of the above for just $21 per week (3 payments of $21 billed 7-days apart).

That’s 18 boot camp workouts, the 21-Day Fasting program and daily accountability for a meeeeeasly 63 bucks.

We kick off the 21-Day Jump Start program on August 6th.

Registrations close this Friday August 3rd at 6pm.

Email [email protected] or call 1300 557 735 to secure your spot.

Train hard!

Danger Dan
Dangerously Fit

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