dangerously fitI read somewhere that your wealth is the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.

Is it true?

I don’t know.

But it did get me finkin.

Because I do fink it’s true for your health and fitness, here’s why…

(I know I’m generalizing a fair bit, but stay with me on this.)

If you’re a yogi and you go out for dinner with your 5-closest yogi friends chances are you’ll end up in a vegan restaurant chomping down tofu.

If you’re a Rugby player and you go out for dinner with your 5-closest rugby pals then there’s a very good chance you’ll end up in a kebab shop after sinking 15 pints of ale.

And… If you’re somewhere in the middle?

Chances are that sometimes you’ll go out and keep it tidy and at other times you’ll end up ‘out out’ with a very funny story to tell.

Am I right?

I don’t know, look at your 5 closest friends and hit the reply button to let me now.

So… what should you do if your 5 closest friends are not living in a body that makes you green with envy?

Ditch em?

I wouldn’t go that far, but you could find yourself 5 new friends to tip the scales (pun intended) in your favour.

And… in my honest and very biased opinion there’s not better place to find a fun bunch of fitness loving enthusiasts than the community at ‘Dangerously Fit’.

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Danger Dan
Dangerously Fit

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