This morning was a wet and windy workout on Bondi Beach.

I always find a sense of satisfaction training outdoors in the elements whilst everyone else is at home in bed.

In a weird kinda way it makes me feel more a live.

Which got me thinkin about the DF crew that are always there… come rain, hail or shine.

Rather than seek comfort, they seek discomfort.

They know that comfortable will make them soft and weak… and that uncomfortable will make them fit and strong.

They know that the uncomfortable will set them on a path to discipline, good habits and a better life.

And… that comfortable will set them on a path to indiscipline, bad habits and frustration.

Raining outdoors? They grab their runners and go train.

Hard day at work? They workout anyways, they know they’ll feel better for it.

Wake up tired? They get out of bed and force themselves to do it.

And… if they do here that seductive inner voice seeking comfort telling them that they ‘deserve a day off’ and that they’ve ‘had hard day’… they know it’s just their mind seeking comfort.

They don’t give into the immediate gratification of doing what’s easy – they don’t take today off… no not today.

Here’s a little challenge for you, do one thing everyday that will make you feel uncomfortable…. make a habit of seeking discomfort.

Here’s a few suggestions;

  • Have a 60 second cold shower every morning.
  • Wake up early and don’t hit the snooze button.
  • Exercise everyday.
  • Sign up for a $1 one-week trial at Dangerously Fit. Here’s the link:

So… what are you waiting for?

What will you do today that will make you uncomfortable?

I look forward to seeing you at boot camp tomorrow!

Danger Dan
Dangerously Fit

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