Pleasure is eating chocolate cake and getting an instant sugar rush.
Happiness is not eating chocolate cake and walking around a kilo lighter without guilt and a sick feeling in the stomach.

Pleasure is spending 30-minutes on Facebook getting your dopamine hit.
Happiness is investing 30-minutes reading a book, increasing your knowledge and expanding your consciousness.

Pleasure is drinking alcohol and getting tipsy.
Happiness is enjoying your day without a hangover.

Pleasure is buying crap you don’t need while you keep up with the Jones’s.
Happiness is investing that money into your family’s future.

Pleasure is hitting the snooze button and sleeping in.
Happiness is getting out of bed early and exercising knowing your getting fitter, stronger and healthier.

Pleasure is short lived and is always followed by pain.

Pleasure robs you from your future happiness.

But… happiness will bring you more happiness.

Do what makes you happy.

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