The Kettlebell Turkish Get up (TGU) is one of those exercises you either love or hate.

Originally, it was an old school strength exercise developed by wresters where they would simply stand up from the lying down position while carrying a heavy weight. 

Overtime, the exercise has been refined and standardized with a set procedure for executing the movement.

Performing the TGU regularly will help develop full-body strength, stability and endurance that can transfer to many other areas of your training. Here’s how to correctly perform the kettlebell Turkish get up.

Here’s how to correctly perform the kettlebell TGU.

1. Place your lifting hand all of the way through the window of the kettlebell, with your other had wrapping over the top
2. Roll onto your back using your body weight to move the kettlebell into position.
3. Fully extend the lifting arm. Place your other arm 40 degrees away from midline.
4. Roll your shoulder off the floor and prop yourself up onto your elbow, eyes should remain fixed on the kettlebell.
5. Move from your elbow to your hand locking out the arm, then lift your hips off the floor.
6. Bring your leg underneath your body so that your’e in the windmill position.
7. Window wiper the back foot into position and stand up tall.
8. Reverse the movement to return to the starting position.