The steel mace bull whip into mill combines both the bull whip and milling, this is a fun exercise to perform and will build grip strength like nothing else.

Teaching Points

  1. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart in a boxers stance.
  2. Hinge the hips and initiate the movement with a swing.
  3. Drive your hips forward and let the mace swing upwards.
  4. Rotate your arm around your head (like a single arm halo) with the mace head pointing downwards.
  5. Once you have completed a full rotation around your head cast the mace away back into a swing.
  6. Then, perform a lateral swing across the front of the body.
  7. When you reach the top of the back swing flex your elbow and point the the macehead towards your ‘back pocket’.
  8. When your elbow reaches full flexion, rotate your thoracic spine and cast the mace away from the body.