Wow… what a crazy year 2020 has been… first off a pandemic and now mass riots in America and Europe – what’s next?

With so much negativity going on in the World at the moment I made the decision a couple of weeks ago to delete all of the social media apps from my phone, it was becoming way too distracting.

Don’t get me wrong, I still stay informed with what’s going on and I check my Facebook pages once a day but I stay well away from my feed.

With the restrictions being lifted here in Australia it’s time to focus my attention on the Dangerously Fit Academy and get our live events up and running again.

With that being said, I’ll be announcing our new 2020 schedule in the next week or so.

We’ll be running kettlebell, steel mace, steel clubs workshops in all major Australian cities as well as our Cert 3 and Cert 4 personal training certification on the Sunshine Coast.

Stay tuned… more info is coming soon!

Dan Clay
Dangerously Fit Academy