It’s been 3 years since US First Lady, Michelle Obama had launched the anti-obesity campaign, Let’s Move. In the past few years, Let’s Move has been actively pursuing food and beverage companies to take part and be active in promoting weight loss through their products and has solicited quite a considerable number of nods.

U.S. First Lady Continues To Push For Anti-Obesity And Weight Loss Activities

U.S. First Lady Continues To Push For Anti-Obesity And Weight Loss Activities

The biggest achievement by the movement, so far, is getting Walmart, America’s largest retail store, to participate in it. Americans will soon find their favorite products with nutrition labels. This move is supposedly to give the consumers more healthy options when they do their groceries.  Some Food and Beverage companies have also followed suit and restaurants are urged to post the nutritional value of their meals on their menu boards.

The heart of the campaign centers on children’s health and nutrition. Mrs. Obama has been urging the schools for more bike paths and more play areas and after school physical activities. The movement had also pushed for the new kids’ nutrition law wherein the U.S. government gets to decide what food will be served in the schools , including what will be sold in the vending machines.

The most interesting to check out would be the move to put salad bars in 6,000 school cafeterias. So far, there had been no other news or feedback on whether kids in school actually appreciated it and whether the kids ate it; but the message is clear, the kids need to eat healthily. They need to eat more fruits and vegetables.

The big changes will take some time to happen. What matters is that the movement is loudly ongoing.  Mrs. Obama is losing no time and leaving no stones unturned in pushing for the change, guesting on TV and participating in the physical activities of the campaign.

Here’s a video of the U.S. First Lady’s TV appearance with TV host, Jimmy Fallon:

Obesity is a major issue and weight loss activities such as sports should be encouraged more. Campaigns have been put up left and right and all over the world. Let’s just hope that the rest of the world catches on.

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