The statement issued by fitness expert, Gary Egger regarding existing bootcamps and personal trainers have encouraged quite a few people to speak against the fitness groups. Councils from different areas of Sydney have taken action to ensure that peace is maintained in these areas.

The issues have not died down completely, with some people still raising their grievances to the councils about these groups despite the agreement reached between those in authority and the bootcamp facilitators.

Maybe things are looking up for bootcamps and personal trainers

Maybe things are looking up for bootcamps and personal trainers

Let’s check on the top 2 complaints raised by the residents and re-examine the policies imposed on such issues:

Top 2 Complaints Against Bootcamps And Personal Trainers

1. Use of playground facilities for the bootcamp workouts.

According to the article, even after both parties have talked issues out and have reached a consensus, a resident sent the local publication a photo of a personal trainer and his client using a swing for one of their workouts.  There was no mention of whether this was a boot camp activity or if the personal trainer works independently.

One of the very first rules given out on boot camps is that the use of playground facilities such as swings, slides and the same for boot camp workouts is prohibited. Rockdale council, in its most recent policy release, does not allow any boot camp activity to be done within 20 metres of children’s play areas.

2.  Noisy personal trainers

Residents are said to raise complaints about personal trainers who call out too loudly to their members during the boot camp sessions. But that isn’t all that they object on; apparently, even the sound of the boxing gloves

In the 2005 standard boot camp policies, it was stated that personal trainers cannot use any amplifiers like megaphones and microphones plugged on speakers so as not to disturb people who live around the vicinity.

Another policy issued to address this issue is the imposition of the maximum limit of 18 people per trainer. With the number limit, it would be easier for the personal trainer to manage his group easier.

For an update on the policies on bootcamps and on the issues, here’s the article onThe Leader:

Residents Raise Objections Against Personal Trainers

When these issues between personal trainers and residents will end, we’ll never know; but so far, areas like Kogarah have been supportive of the fitness and health efforts of the bootcamp companies in their areas. Maybe that is a good enough sign that things are looking up.

Dangerously fit make sure that all our Sydney workouts abide by the policies that have been issued and agreed upon with the council.  If you want to experience fun and challenging outdoor workouts, sign up with us!