There are many types of training bags to choose from, the 5 most common found in gyms are Standard Sandbags, Strongman Sandbags, Power bags, Aqua Bags and Bulgarian bags.

Each bag has their own unique advantage, here’s a quick overview.

Standard Sandbag

Standard sandbags are usually made from canvas or plastic and are filled with inners that contain sand or gravel. The load in a sandbag isn’t fixed which makes them excellent for building grip strength, this is the style of bag we’ll be focusing on during this course.

Power bag training

Power Bag

The load in a power bag is fixed which make them a little easier to use for beginners. They are extremely versatile and great for boot camps, circuit training and teaching basic variations of barbell exercises.

Dangerously Fit Power Bag

Bulgarian Bag

The Bulgarian bag is more a specialized bag and used by many wrestling and MMA athletes. The Bulgarian bag is excellent for training in the, frontal plane, transverse plane and building rotational core strength.

bulgarian bag

Strongman Sandbag

The design of the strongman sandbag allows the user to hold the bag in any number of ways, including the traditional sandbag bear hug hold which is excellent for developing arm gripping strength, headlock and shoulder carries for unilaterally loading the body and the Zercher carry which is great for challenging the core and upper body.

strongman sandbag

Aqua Bags

Aqua bags are the most advanced style of bag. The water inside the bag constantly moves from side to side throughout the movement which forces the entire body to engage to stabilize the load.

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