Dangerously Fit Steel Clubs sport a pommel handle, a powder coated finish and a perfectly weighted barrel forged from solid steel.

Inside our Steel Club Certification you’ll learn everything you need to know about heavy clubbell training, taking you from beginner to advanced with over 100 video tutorials teaching you the principles, fundamentals and advanced steel club training techniques.

  1. Improve Grip Strength
  2. Increase Shoulder Strength, Flexibility And Mobility
  3. Builds Rotational & Anti-Rotational Core Strength
  4. Body Workouts
  5. Cardiovascular Conditioning

Benefits Of Steel Club Training1. Improve Grip Strength

Unlike kettlebells, dumbbells and barbells that have a conventional handle that rests on the skeletal structure (pulls against the fingers or rests in the heel of the hand). When swinging the Steel Club you have to actively engage your forearm flexors to grip the club as it tries to pull through the fingers.

2. Increase Shoulder Strength And Mobility

Steel Clubs are particularly good at strengthening and dynamically loading shoulder girdle muscles. The dynamic control needed to accelerate and decelerate a Steel Club swung at speed relate to many sports and helps develop shoulder and shoulder strength, stability and flexibility.

3. Full Body Workouts

The steel club is an incredibly flexible tool that can be swung in all planes of motions (sagittal, transverse and frontal) and work push/pull upper and lower body exercises.

4. Builds Rotational Strength

Because oft the elongated shape of the club it can be swung around the body working rotational and anti-rotational core movements.

5. Cardiovascular Conditioning

Steel club flows (3 or more exercises strung together in a logical sequential manner) are not only lot’s of fun, they are also great for metabolic conditioning working both the aerobic and anaerobic systems at the same time.

Dan Clay
Dangerously Fit

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