Steel Club Advanced Shoulder Cast

The Steel Club Advanced Shoulder Cast is very challenging because not only do you have the leverage disadvantage of the club, you also have a leverage disadvantage of having the clubs so far away from your body.

Teaching Points

  1. Keep your shoulders packed down, your core tight and glutes squeezed.
  2. Some thoracic extension is allowed with this exercise.
  3. From the order position, cast the club behind your back.
  4. Activate the lat and pull the elbow down and out to the side whilst extending the tricep.
  5. Hold the club out to the side at shoulder height (Iron Cross Position) for a split second and repeat the movement.

Common Problems & Solutions
Error: Relying too much on the triceps, this is not a tricep extension.
Correction: Actively engage the lat and pull the elbow down while simultaneously extending the elbow.