The steel club clock squat is often confused with the side shoulder clean but there is a slight difference. The side clean works one side at a time, however, during the clock squat the club does a full 180-degree swing alternating between the left shoulder and right shoulder.

Teaching Points

  1. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart.
  2. Keep your core braced tight throughout the movement.
  3. Hinge the hips and grip one club by the neck with two hands.
  4. Clean the club into the guard position.
  5. Laterally swing the club across and catch on the opposite shoulder.
  6. As soon as the club makes contact with the shoulder immediately perform a squat.
  7. Repeat on the other side.
  8. Remember to change grips between sets, if you started the last set with your right hand closest to the pommel, start the next set with your left hand closest to the pommel.

Common Problems & Solutions
Error: Squatting to early and hitting the legs with the club.
Correction: Wait for the club to pass the knees before squatting.