The Steel Club Shield Cast is a similar exercise to the Gamma cast, except instead of alternating between going over the left shoulder then the right, with the shield cast we move the club over the same shoulder for the entire set before changing sides. This exercise will really challenge your grip and is another great exercise for building circular shoulder strength.

Teaching Points

  1. Stand with your feet hip width apart.
  2. Keep your core tight, and your quads and glutes activated.
  3. Ensure your shoulders stay packed down through the movement.
  4. Begin with the club in the guard position.
  5. If you’re holding the club in your right guard, cast the club over your left shoulder (aiming to put the club in your back left pocket).
  6. Keep your eyes fixed forward and your head stationary.
  7. Let the club swing in a pendulum motion until it reaches the right side of your body.
  8. Engage the right lat, pull down through the elbows and pull the club back to the guard position.

Common Problems & Solutions
Error: Moving your head to allow the club to pass around the body.
Correction: You might lack shoulder mobility or be tight in the lats, work on your mobility/flexibility if you struggle with this movement.