Steel club inside side cleans are a great prep exercise for some of the more complex lateral movements that come later in the program like the mill. With two handed frontal plane exercises such as side cleans and 180’s, if you complete the first set in the right guard, remember to start your next set in the left guard. Always train both sides equally.

Teaching Points

  1. Begin in the guard position.
  2. Your spine will stay neutral throughout the movement.
  3. Keep your hips and core tight and your shoulders packed down.
  4. Keeping your toes pointing forward, rotate the hips and spine inwards and cast the club across the front of body.
  5. Lock out the elbows and keeping your shoulders packed.
  6. Let club swing until it reaches the other side of the body.
  7. Swing the club back the way it came and draw the elbows backwards pulling the club back into the guard position.
  8. Repeat the movement.

Common Problems & Solutions
Error: Don’t let the club pull you off balance.
Correction: Move your body away from the club through the swing, for example; if you swing the club to your left, shift your weight to the right to counter the weight.