The Steel Club Two-Handed Mill to Lunge combines the traditional two-handed mill with lunges, making it a full body exercise for developing strength, flexibility, and coordination. 


  1. Initial Setup:

    • Clean the steel club into the order position.
    • Ensure shoulders are down, elbows are tucked, and feet are placed shoulder-width apart.
    • Keep chest up with a proud posture.
  2. Two-Handed Mill:

    • Execute the two-handed mill with the standard cues.
    • Shift weight to the right while casting the club to the left, rotating the thoracic.
    • Achieve full arm lock as the club moves across the body.
  3. Lunge Incorporation:

    • As the club swings to the right, step with the left leg into a lunge.
    • Drop the back knee to the ground, maintaining proper lunge form.
    • Keep the knee over the heel and the back knee about an inch off the floor.
  4. Transition and Finish:

    • Initiate the movement to bring the club back between the shoulder blades.
    • Swing the club over the left shoulder and step back into the starting position.
    • Optionally, conclude the routine with a press.
  5. Repeat on the Other Side:

    • Mirror the entire sequence by casting the club to the right.
    • Step with the right leg into a lunge, following the same cues.
    • Complete the exercise by returning to the order position.