A similar exercise to the steel club rock-it exercise we performed in the last video, but this time in the frontal plane. The side rock-it is a fundamental steel club exercise that teaches us how to swing the club in the frontal plane and countering the weight of the club by charging our bodyweight in the opposite direction. If you want to get good at heavy club mills, the side rock-it will groove the path for the bottom of the swing.

Teaching Points

  • Grip the club with two hands.
  • Keep your arm locked out and your shoulder packed down
  • Keep your core braced and your spine neutral throughout the movement.
  • This time though, swing the club laterally.
  • Focus on the opposite hip sway, so as the club swings to the left of your body, counter the movement by swaying your hip to the right.
  • Exhale when the club is at the end of each swing when it is heaviest.
  • Inhale when the club is in motion and when it is lightest.