The side swing is a very unique exercise to the clubs. It is possible to perform the side swing with a kettlebell, but due to the large round mass of the kettlebell it makes the side swing a clunky movement which can be hazardous to the knees.  However, the steel club has an elongated load far away from the point of contact making clubbells perfect for swinging in the frontal plane.

Teaching Points

  1. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart.
  2. Keep your core braced tight throughout the movement.
  3. Hinge the hips and grip the club by the neck.
  4. If you’re swinging the club to your left, position the club to the outside of your right foot.
  5. Laterally swing the club whilst powerfully driving the hips forward.
  6. As the club passes the front of the body at the bottom of the swing, charge your weight in the opposite direction to counter the weight.
  7. Note: It’s the hip drive back and forth that powers the club to move laterally, we’re not trying to swing the club through our shoulders.
  8. Some shoulder and thoracic rotation is ok when performing the two handed side swing.
  9. The club will swing laterally up and down in a straight line, move your body around the club (not vise versa).
  10. Stop the club when it reaches shoulder height at the top.

Common Problems & Solutions

Error: Trying to swing the club with your arm.
Correction: This movement is a hip hinge similar to the swing, power the movement with your hips not your arms.

Alternative Options
Side Rock-it
Inside / Outside Pendulums