If you’re a beginner to steel club training or would like to refine the fundamental movements, get started with these 5 essential exercises to hone your technique before moving on to more challenging exercises.

  1. Side rock-it
  2. Swings
  3. Arm cast
  4. Swipes
  5. Shield cast

Side Rocket:

    • Begin with the club centered and hinge your hips back.
    • Lock your forearm with one hand close to the pommel and the other hand over the top.
    • Shift your weight to one side while keeping the center-line facing the club.
    • Transfer the weight to the opposite side as the club crosses the center-line.
    • Focus on maintaining balance and control by shifting weight in the opposite direction of the club’s movement.

Swings (Sagittal and Side):

    • For Sagittal Swing: Set up with the club approximately 10 inches in front, drive hips back, and cast the club behind the legs.
    • Ensure a straight line from crown to coccyx and wait for the club to pass the legs before driving hips forward.
    • Maintain a 45° angle with head at 10:00 and hips at 4:00 during the movement.
    • For Side Swing: Cast the club laterally across the front of the body, focusing on weight transfer to maintain balance.

Arm Cast:

    • Start with the club in front of the body and drive hips back.
    • Keep the elbow tucked into the hip and shoulder down.
    • Pull the elbow down and perform a full arm cast while keeping the wrist neutral.
    • Finish with a straight line between the crown and the coccyx, maintaining a 45° angle.


    • Begin with the club in front of the body, feet shoulder-width apart.
    • Drive hips back and perform a swing, bringing the club towards the body.
    • Execute an arm cast while maintaining a straight line from crown to coccyx.
    • Power the movement with hip hinge and drive.

Shield Cast:

    • Start in the order position with wrist neutral and elbow tucked into the hip.
    • Place the muzzle of the club in the opposite back pocket, ensuring full flexion of the triceps.
    • Fire up the lat and pull the elbow down, then return to the order position.
    • Maintain control and engage circular shoulder strength throughout the movement.