Among the best workouts is usually among the least expensive. For just a small amount of cash, you can get a jumping rope and begin skipping. Skipping works well with some of the larger muscles in your body. Your shoulders, chest, abdominals, and legs will probably all experience the burn following a good workout. Skipping rope will boost your coordination, agility, quickness, as well as endurance.

Skipping rope is a great way to get into excellent shape and as soon as you get used to jumping, there are various ways to keep it from getting old and boring just like a lot of the more conventional ways of performing cardio exercise.

Simple Exercise You Can Do Anywhere -Jumping Rope Photo Credit:

Simple Exercise You Can Do Anywhere -Jumping Rope
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An excellent skipping rope workout can get you into good shape if you stick with it and take the time required to perfect the workout. With a skipping rope, you will get your heart towards your target zone faster than several other types of exercise that means you are going to be spending much more time in your target zone while rope jumping. It is also a usual addition to circuit training since it is easy to bring along with you from one workout station to another and will let you get a good “active” rest workout during weight lifting repetitions. Moreover, it applies well to intense workouts since you can utilize it to push your body to the extreme, just like you are doing in sprinting exercises.

If you think that skipping rope is boring, it is not. In fact, you can spice up your workout in several ways just by switching your footwork and adding and learning different jumping rope skills to your workout routine. Just mix and match your workout on a regular basis so that it will not get bored and it will never get old.

So get a skipping rope and check out Amelia Burton’s 6 varieties of skipping. Watch the video.

The Ultimate Skipping Workout

Basically, adding a skipping rope workout to your fitness regimen can help you reach that next fitness level. It is not just a great workout, which you can carry out into your routine in several ways, but with some determination you can get to the extent in which you won’t ever have a boring cardio workout all over again. Why not give it a try?

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