According to fashion experts, skinny jeans are here to stay. Fortunately, there’s a type of workout that is making frenzy over the internet in the fitness world, and it goal is specifically to help us zip up our skinny jeans – The Skinny Jeans Workout.

Get Into Your Skinny Jeans With Exercise Photo by:

Get Into Your Skinny Jeans With Exercise
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The Skinny Jeans Workout targets core muscles, posture and balance. A combination of ballet, light weight lifting, butt- burning stretches, and the exercise routine involves the whole body. All these should help women lose weight, get stronger and much better toned muscle mass, and, on top of that, better posture because it is vitally important in regards to looking great and even leaner than in reality.

If you want to try this kind of workout, many fitness clubs included this in their workout classes. And according to those who have tried this workout, they say that the workout does work, they lose weight in just several weeks.

Press play to know some ‘Skinny Jean’ workout routines:

Skinny Jeans Workout – Lower-Body Exercises 

As with every workout routine, you must not overdo it. In case you do, you are going to subject yourself to injuries. You have to start slowly and gradually, and progress at your own pace.

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