Christina Aguilera Flaunts Weight Loss

Christina Aguilera is still singing the same tune, “I love my body” but this time, it was not because she’s been criticized for being heavy, or for having her photo on her album photoshopped; it was because of the amazing weight loss evident when she stepped on the red carpet for the premiere of The Voice.

The singer, who filed a leave from the hit singing competition on TV, admits she now has more time to focus on herself. People around her agree that she can now to concentrate on her music and prepare for her upcoming concert and promotional tours.

Take it from Christina Aguilera: Love your body but lose the weight. CC by D.S.B.,

Take it from Christina Aguilera: Love your body but lose the weight.
CC by D.S.B.,

With shows scheduled, there are definitely rehearsals for dance and choreography; and just like her contemporary, pop princess, Britney Spears, and siren songstress, Beyonce, Aguilera, she has to prepare her body for the demands of the life of a superstar with corresponding workouts and diets.

Christina Aguilera looks amazing. She now sports a slimmer body and toned legs. It’s not a drastic weight loss, but her face shows that there is significant body transformation. How did she do it?

Based on what people around her says, there are two things that may have been keys to helping her with the success of her fitness program.

2 Key Factors That Helped In Christina Aguilera’s Weight Loss

1.Less consumption of alcohol

According to the people who surround her, she used to frequent bars and consume a lot of alcoholic beverages during the time that she was still with her husband, music marketer Jason Bratman. They used to party a lot.

According to science, alcohol causes the body to stop using your carbs for fuel, but instead store it as fat along with fat, itself. And this are only effects of moderate drinking; too much drinking would

One gram of alcohol is equivalent to around 5.7 calories. A 20-gram bottle of beer already gives you 150 calories.

The equation to a successful weight loss is: Decrease in calorie intake + Increase in Exercise = Weight Loss.  Drinking alcohol will result in the total opposite.

2. Good Muscle Memory

When a body is used to rigorous activity, it remembers. And when you do it again, it will remember to respond the same way you have trained it, then.

Prior to marriage and pregnancy, Christina Aguilera used to dance a lot and have more time for workouts and other physical activities. When she took a break to get ready for her concert tour, her body responded and it responded well. Thus, the effectiveness of her workouts to her weight loss.

Obviously it is not the muscles that stored the memory, but the brain. The brain absorbs the activities of the muscles and stores the memory. When the body takes on the same activity, even after a long time, it triggers the brain to remember, which, in turn sends signals to the muscles and tendons.

Here’s an article on Hollywood Life:

Muscle Memory And Weight Loss

So, if you are on a quest for weight loss and you’ve been into sports before or have worked out before, you’re already at an advantage. If you’re into alcohol, now is the time to apply control. Take it from Christina Aguilera, love your body but do something with the weight.

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