Why People Go For Weight Loss

What moves a person to lose weight? People embark on their weight loss journey for a lot of different reasons; many of which are for vanity. However, there are also those who try to work off their weight problems for more serious reasons such as health and family.

So, what convicts a person to lose the extra kilos? Going through Yahoo! Answers, we’ve read motivations such as wanting to fit into their old, skinny jeans, and people joking about not having enough money to revamp their wardrobe just because they can’t fit into their old clothes anymore.

Weight Loss Is The Reward In Itself

Weight Loss Is The Reward In Itself

A guy is into this girl and he’s been waiting for a time to ask her out and is working on making himself fit and attractive enough for her. Another girl wants to be able to wear a bikini and not be embarrassed to parade around the hunks at the beach.

But what if you offer people a good amount of money for losing weight? How will it affect their weight loss process?

A recent study showed that money is a very effective motivator for people who need to lose weight. When they are given that possibility of earning cash,  they become more committed to shedding off the extra pounds.

The same study showed that when people are put into groups, and then promised to be paid as a group, the result is twice better than the people offered to get paid to lose weight on their own.

Here’s an article on Time Magazine:

Money Is An Effective Weight Loss Motivator

What are the other ways that you can motivate a person to lose weight?

How to encourage others on Weight Loss

1.Explain to them the health risks.

When people realize what it would cost them when they do not take care of their health, they make decisions to lose weight.

In Yahoo! Answers, two grandmothers decided to work hard in losing the weight when they realized that they won’t be able to keep up with their grandchildren and may not even be there to see them grow as one of the women’s sons pointed out.

 2. Be kind.

Do not stigmatize the person. Have you ever heard of the proverb, “an offended brother is more unyielding than a fortified city?”

When a person feels slighted, embarrassed or humiliated, the tendency is to rebel against the person causing him humiliation and have nothing to do with what they think will satisfy that person.

3. Do what they do.

A smoker will have a difficult time giving up the habit if he’s surrounded by smokers who have no intention of quitting. This is the same with people who need to lose weight. They need to be surrounded by healthy eaters, too.

Weight loss using rewards and incentives sometimes work, but results may be short-lived or harder to sustain. Without the rewards, it would be hard for the person to find reasons why he should lose weight. People who need to lose weight must understand that weight loss is already a reward in itself.

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