I’ve been getting a few questions recently about the latest weight loss shake doing the rounds here in Australia.

Basically, people want to know if it’s a load of BS or if they should give it a go.

First though, you gotta understand how weight loss actually works.

For you to be the weight that you are now you’re consuming a certain number of calories.

For you to lose weight, you gotta consume less.

This is what’s known as a calorie deficit, where your body burns fat for fuel.


If you eat too many calories (calories surplus), you’ll gain weight.

That’s it!

There’s a tonne of diets that’ll help you create a calorie deficit;

• Soup diet
• Grape fruit juice diet
• Keto diet
• Intermitted fasting diet
• Dukan diet
• Lemon detox diet
• And heaps more!

They all work exactly the same.

They put your body in a calorie deficit.

Problem is though, 97% of people that follow these diets put all the weight back on within 2-years!


Because they haven’t learned how many calories their body actually needs to perform at an optimum state.

And, when they go back to their normal eating habits they’re right back to square one….bouncing from one diet to the next… like a big giant yo yo.

So, how do you achieve lifelong sustainable results?

By knowing exactly what your’e body needs.

lukeOnce you know this, weight loss is easy.

One of the things I hear most often from my coaching clients is how much easier it is to lose weight than they’d imagined.

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