Yesterday I was on YouTube University looking for some inspiration for a new kettlebell workout.

After watching a few videos I kept seeing the same basic programming errors time and time again.

So… I thought I’d share with you my 3 top tips for writing kettlebell workouts.

#1. Perform the most challenging exercises first.

If you’re doing the snatch and swing in the same routine, do the snatch before the swing so you’re fresh for the tougher exercise. It’s a lot harder to get a heavy kettlebell overhead with a snatch than it is to get the kettlebell to shoulder height with a swing.

#2. Perform grinds before ballistic exercises.

Grind exercises are those that keep the muscle under constant tension throughout the movement, like a squat or a press.

Ballistic exercises are explosive in nature… think loose tight, loose tight. Swings, cleans, snatches and high pulls are all ballistic exercises.

It’s far easier to perform ballistic exercises with good form when you’re tired than it is grinds, so put your grinds first.

#3. Train in balance.

The kettlebell is a fantastic tool for training the entire body all at once, but remember to make sure you’re training all movement patterns equally.

I split my workouts into;

* Upper body vertical push.
* Upper body vertical pull.
* Upper body horizontal push.
* Upper body horizontal pull.
* Quad dominant.
* Hip dominant.
* Core: Rotation/flexion/extension etc.

Try to train everything as equally as possible.


Only train with 2 kettlebells when you’ve mastered the movement with one. Sounds kinda common sense… but common sense isn’t common.

I don’t know how many times I’ve seen trainers make their clients do a double kettlebell swing when they still haven’t mastered the single swing.

So… those are my top tips for writing your kettlebell workouts.

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