There is nothing as good as getting an excellent strength and conditioning training while you are outside on a lovely day. But, the problem with training outdoors is the fact that you are limited on equipment that makes it difficult to make use of the heavy loads necessary to have muscle mass.

Tyre training is among the best techniques around to give you a full body workout. Although its main goal is not to get your muscles toned, it can actually help you in achieving your strength and conditioning goals.

Tyre Training at Dangerously Fit Bootcamps

Tyre Training at Dangerously Fit Bootcamps

An old tire is simply what you need to boost your training and achieve a great shape. Tyre training enables you to have a full body workout in just a few exercises. A lot of the workouts included are compound exercises.

And, if you are trying to burn a lot of fats, fusing more than one exercise can help you make your body looking as toned as it can.

Check out the video for some tire training workouts:

Tire Workouts 

Below are some tire training workouts:

Tire Flips

This could be among the most common workouts in tire training. You will drive the tire up and then push it down to the ground again.

Farmer Walks

This workout is gonna help to boost your gripping strength. While you are standing at the center of the tire, pick up the tire with your hands facing out and walk out as much steps as you possibly can.

Push Ups to Dips

This is yet another fun workout. Work your way across the tire as you are switching from push-ups to dips. Find out how many you can handle in a minute.

Sledge Hammer Drills

There is nothing far better if you let out all your frustrations by pounding a tire using a sledge hammer. If you are searching for various ways to hit the tire, then you are lucky. The various approaches are hammering all the way down, leading with one side, or doing some ab work through swinging the hammer just like a golf club or baseball bat.

Sled Runs

The simplest and the best one is certainly not greater than a chain looped all over and mounted on a rope line. This essential method can be attached to a vest or arm straps.


Easy to perform. Simply pick the tire up and shrug. You can also incorporate this workout with the Farmer Walks, or you can also get your own workout combination.

Tire Jumps

There are a whole lot of options here for engaging your legs. You can perform like a regular Box Jump, or you can hop the entire tire, or drop in and out and sideways.

Starting tire training seems a bit challenging to begin with. But, as soon as you start training using it, you will eventually love it and it might be hard to resist.  You will be drawn to its endless potential.

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