How College Students Can Get Fit With Their Own Space

For freshmen, college life can be a bit overwhelming. With a busy class schedule, group studies, some extracurricular activities and of course, a social life, it is almost impossible avoiding the dreaded “Freshman 15.” Fortunately, with some self-discipline and an open dorm room to get in shape, you can keep off the weight. You won’t need any equipment with the dorm room workouts.


You can work out your upper body by doing a set of push-ups in your dorm room. Since you can experience the burn in your arms, push-ups basically make use of your chest muscles to be able to lift your body weight.

Dorm Room Workout: Push-Ups Photo by:

Dorm Room Workout: Push-Ups
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Jumping Jacks

You might think that jumping jacks is a good old exercise performed only by grade school children, but actually, it is an excellent way to warm up and stretch before a workout routine. You will be working your shoulders, back, highs and calves at the same time while increasing your heart rate.


Probably the most common techniques for toning down tummy fat as well as excess pounds is by practicing ab crunches. This is an easy and simple workout you can do in your dorm room to avoid the dreaded Freshman 15. To ensure that this workout will be effective, you have to perform it carefully and properly to avoid any injury.


An excellent core workout is the plank. Employed in yoga classes, this workout focuses on different parts of the upper body such as arms, back, internal ab muscles and legs.

Walking in Place

It is not necessary to go outside to have a good stroll; marching or walking in place is as good at getting your cardio going like a regular walk and can be performed while watching TV. Thirty minutes of walking a day is recommended to help keep the weight off.


If crunches, push-ups, plank and walking in place are certainly not appealing to you, and you are interested in something more fun and enjoyable, then try dancing. Dancing increases your heart rate, boosts endurance and stamina, tones muscles, improves flexibility, and helps you feel calm, happy and relaxed. You just need a radio, an open space and perhaps a little privacy.

Workouts You Can do From Your Dorm Room

After long, stressful days of classes, work and assignments, overlooking the importance of exercising daily is easy, and for students, finding time to work out at a gym seems nearly impossible…

“Regular exercise is one of the most important things that students can do to set themselves up for success in and outside of the classroom,” Wood said. “Exercise has also been shown to help lower stress levels, increase concentration and even help students learn.”

There is no need to spend some cash or time going to an expensive gym or risk hurting yourself on heavy equipment. With these excellent dorm room workouts, you can assure that you can get fit and in shape despite the many stresses in your college life.

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