Hi Guys!

I hope you’re doing great!

Wow… what a great winter we’ve just had, a few cold days but generally hardly any rain and plenty of sunshine every day.

Every morning I wake up to a sunrise on the beach and feel grateful to be living in such an amazing place, as much as I love the U.K – and as good as we are at cricket  …the winters are just too long, dark and cold for me.

Bondi Sunrise


There is something to be said for ditching the treadmill and training outdoors in the fresh air, in fact… Scientists now believe exercising outdoors in natural environments is responsible for greater feelings of revitalisation, increased energy and positive mental attitude.

So… with winter out the way and nine months of summer to look forward to, all the Dangerously Fit outdoor training programs are kicking off again in September.

6 Week Body Challenge

6 Week Challenge

The 6 Week Challenge will be starting a little earlier this year on September 12th. And this time round we’re putting a slight spin on how we do things…

…Everything will stay the same except now each team will have their own designated trainer… so there’ll be individual winners, team against team and trainer against trainer  – kinda like the biggest loser… but better 😉

The teams will be as follows…

Dan – Blue Team
Coogee, Bondi,

Bart – Green Team
Domain, Hyde Park, Balmain,

Helen – Red Team
Brighton, Kogarah, Mortdale

Michael – Yellow Team
Rushcutters Bay, Queens Park, Maroubra

As usual we’ll be limiting the program to the first 150 people to register on a first come first serve basis, we limit 150 people into the program so we can give you a personalized service with your food diaries each week…as of this writing we have 33 places still available.

The 6 Week Challenge is FREE to all existing Dangerously Fit members on a 3-month membership* or $497 to non-Dangerously Fit members.

New Members: Register online at https://www.dangerouslyfit.com.au/register/

*Existing Dangerously Fit members book your spot now at admin (at) dangerouslyfit.com.au or call 1300 557 735.

Click here for more info

Here’s a quick video of some of our past Dangerously Fit clients…

And congratulations to our May 6 Week Body winners Simon, Becky and Linda… and to the overall team winner the grey team who won the team event with 6 straight wins!

Here are the Autumn Challenge winner’s results;

1st – Simon: 18.8kg’s & 16.4% of his bodyweight

Joint 1st – Becky: 6.2kg’s & 8% of her bodyweight
Joint 1st – Linda: 7.2kg’s & 8% of her bodyweight

All this in just 6 weeks!

Check out Simon’s story here…

Here’s a quick round-up of all the highlights of the Autumn 6 Week Challenge click the link below:


And also well done to Joel who completed the 6 Week Challenge in July losing 9.4 kilos and 10.1% of his bodyweight in just 6 weeks!

Tough Mudder Training

Tough Mudder Day

The Dangerously Fit Tough Mudder training program will kick off in Centennial Park on the 26th September at 7.00am.

The program is 8 weeks of obstacle race conditioning specifically designed to prepare you for the distance, obstacles and terrain you’ll be facing at this years Sydney Tough Mudder race on November 21st/22nd.

We have 9 spots still available for the program, if you would like to join the team email us admin (at) dangerouslyfit.com.au

The program is FREE to all existing Dangerously Fit members and $197 to non-members.

All training will take place in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs except one workout at the Cronulla Sand Dunes.

Summer Timetableclock 6.00am

As of the 31st of August we will be moving all of our 6.15am classes forward to 6.00am, all other class times will remain the same

Results of the Photo Comp

A big thank you to all of you who got involved in our photo competition and for all your votes and Facebook shares.

And… Thank you to our trainers Helen, Bart, Alexa, Michael, Ray and Norbert for all your great shots.

The Winners were;

– Catherine Murray-Leslie who voted 109 times.

Congratulations Catherine!
You won a 3-month Dangerously Fit membership worth $591.

– Our trainer Helen Reed received an impressive 374 votes from the DF members.

Congratulations Helen!
Helen won boxing gloves, pads and kettlebells for your classes.

Here are a few Pics of the Photo Comp

Six Pack coming soon

Yes that’s right! 6 Pack Coming soon! Bring on the 6 Week Body Challenge!

Maroubra sunrise

Maroubra Sunrise.. What Else?

Morty Boxing

Mortdale Boxing Happy Crew!

Bondi flying object

Bondi Flying objects…

Coogee Crew

Coogee Crew and the Champ.. Not sure what’s going on there…

Bondi Simon

Bondi, Simon in action.. I think Bart’s knees remember this shot too!

Dolls Point Team

Dolls Point Rope Mania.. this looks intense!

Morty Team

Mortdale dedicated crew.. Rain Hail or Shine… Thumbs up!

25 No Pasta Recipes

25-Tasty-Vegetarian-Meals-that-Aren’t-PastaWe get lots of emails from people wanting vegetarian food ideas that aren’t pasta, so we’ve compiled a list of 25 tasty food ideas for you here…



Dangerously  Fit T-shirts for Sale

Dangerously Fit T-shirts are now for sale, choose your colour;
White, Black, Navy, Red, Charcoal, Pink, Sky Blue, Chocolate, Royal Blue, Emerald Green, Purple, Hot Pink

And your size;
Male from S to XXL, Female from 8 to 16

Price : $29.99

DF Tshirt


Lastly…. a big thank you to everyone that referred a friend to Dangerously Fit.

We rely on word of mouth and appreciate you helping us spread the word.

Remember, if you refer a friend to Dangerously Fit and they sign up…. you’ll receive a 50% discount off your next month!


Thank You!!!

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Linda Wilson
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Wishing you the best of health,

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