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Boot Camp Gold Coast Opening Soon!

Boot Camp Gold Coast Opening Soon!

Updated: 19th August 2016


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Metabolic Conditioning At Boot Camp Gold Coast

If weight loss is your goal, Boot Camp Gold Coast is the perfect place for you. Because we make sure that weight loss happens and your fitness goal is fully achieved.

One kind of workout method that we incorporate into our bootcamp sessions is the Metabolic Conditioning Training Workout. Metabolic Conditioning combines maximum fat burning Cardio with heavy weight lifting workouts done with little rest in between.

To understand it better, here are the elements of an effective metabolic workout.

Dangerously Fit Boot Camp Crew

Dangerously Fit Boot Camp Crew

Elements Of Boot Camp Gold Coast Metabolic Exercises

1. Metabolic Exercises Engage Large Muscle Groups

Maximum energy exertion is required in metabolic exercises. A clearer description would have your spine loaded and your legs having a certain degree of involvement.

2. Metabolic Exercises Are Done In High Intensity

When you’re doing metabolic routines, you will be breathing hard and sweating profusely because you are only allowed very little time for rest in between sets of heavy lifting. Absence of that may mean that you may not have done it properly.

3. Your Muscles Can Feel Burning Sensations In Metabolic Exercise Routines

If you’re doing it correctly, you will feel the effectiveness of your workout through a burning sensation on your muscles.

Common metabolic exercises include Snatch, Squats, Jump lunges and Jump squats with dumbbells, Hang Clean and Press, Push Press and Deadlifts.

Boot Camp Gold Coast Conditioning Workouts

What are Conditioning Workouts? Conditioning Workouts are combinations of resistance training and aerobic exercises focused on strength building and muscle endurance. Conditioning exercises are done one after another with very short rest intervals.

Conditioning training workouts are advisable when you’re targeting different parts of the body. Examples of Conditioningtraining exercises are push ups, pull ups, sit ups, bench dips and bench lifts.

Metabolic + ConditioningTraining Benefits At Boot Camp Gold Coast

Metabolic Conditioning combines the two very efficient and effective workout methods to maximize fat loss.

Incorporating Metabolic Conditioning Training exercises into your regular fitness program can help you break a plateau as your body will respond to the new sets of workout that it’s introduced to. It has also been proven to be very effective for fat burning purposes as metabolic Conditioningtraining taps on the weight loss benefits of EPOC or Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen.

Reaping EPOC Benefits at The Gold CoastBoot Camp

EPOC or Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen means that the body continues to burn calories and lose weight long after workout had ceased. EPOC only happens when you’re subject to activities with high levels of intensity.

There are three ways to achieve EPOC: You can do heavy weight lifting, you can cut down on your rest time and the third is to get into aerobic exercises. In Bootcamp Gold Coast Metabolic Training Workout sessions, you will not only lift heavy weights or cut down on your rest time in between, but you can do both on top of aerobic activity.

To give you an example of how a Metabolic Conditioning workout looks like, here are a couple of workout sets put together by celebrity Personal Trainer Julie Michaelson as posted on Muscle and Strength:

Metabolic ConditioningTraining 1

3 sets of Squats done in reps of 10

3 Sets of Kettlebell Swings done again in reps of 10

3 Sets of Bent Over Single Arm Dumbbell Row in reps of 10 for each arm

Metabolic ConditioningTraining Set 2

3 Sets of Romanian Deadlifts done in reps of 10

3 Sets of Bench Presses done in reps of 10

3 Sets of Bent Over Barbell Row done in reps of 10

Both the first and the second set of Conditioning workouts must be done three times.

It’s Safer To Work Out At Boot Camp Gold Coast Than At Home

Although some people do these sets of workouts at home, it is best not to be overconfident about it. Weight lifting exercises are done with extra caution especially if you are a beginner or someone who have only gone through personal training a few times.

Some of these exercises seem easy to do, but just because you can lift a kettlebell, it doesn’t mean that you know the proper way of using it for your workouts.

It is always best to have a certified Personal Trainer like the ones at Dangerously Fit Boot Camp Gold Coast to oversee your workouts so you can avoid acquiring injuries. It is also important to remember to check your heart rate and make sure that you’re working along your fitness level.

Gold Coast Boot Camps will be able to provide you with the appropriate training you need in order for you to perform these workouts in the right posture and position. 

If you want effective weight loss, sign up for a fitness boot camp.

Brit Pop Singer Rita Ora Checks Into Detox Boot Camp

The buzz now is that Brit singing sensation, Rita Ora has checked herself into an extreme weight loss boot camp as part of her preparation for the launch of her new album.

Who can forget Beyonce’s detox diet of maple syrum, lemon and cayenne for her role in the movie, Dream girls? She successfully lost 20 pounds but discourages anyone to do as she did. Although she successfully shed the weight in time for her role, something must have felt wrong in the process for her to adamantly discourage others to do it.

If you want effective weight loss, sign up for a fitness boot camp.

If you want effective weight loss, sign up for a fitness boot camp.

Weight Loss By Detox Boot Camp May Deliver Quick Results But…

There’s no denying it. Most detox diets bring fast results since most are fluid-based. Physicians and fitness experts warn, though, that although you can lose the pounds fast while at it, you are most likely to gain it back once you’re off it. A diet based on fluids is unsustainable and unhealthy.

What people need to understand is that Beyonce’s detox diet may have been successful but it was also a short-lived success. Years later, media had her “un-endorsing” the lettuce diet she took on in preparation for a Superbowl performance.

The problem with detox diets is that it slows down the body’s metabolism; once you’re off it and you’ve started eating again, your body will transform most of what you eat into fats. Detox diets also cause you to have low energy levels, low blood sugar, you’ll experience muscle fatigue, dizziness and even nausea.

Here’s an article on

According to the The Daily Mail, the food was mainly boiled potatoes and broths and the bootcamp participants are made to chew their food at a minimum of 30 times. A trick many diet experts recommend as chewing longer feel full.For some unknown reason pop starlet Rita Ora has been spending time at the world’s toughest fat camp. The 22-year-old recently checked into the Viva Mayr clinic aka the home of gruelling detoxes, in Austria, spending £1,500-a-night for the privilege.

A Healthier Diet Alternative For Detox Boot Camp

Instead of just going for fluids backed by pills and herb supplements that practically have no proof of effectiveness, you can go for a diet alternative of whole fruits, vegetables, fiber, lean protein, low-fat dairy and whole grains and limit your food intake to up to 1,600 calories in a day. This will successfully ease you into losing about 2 to 3 pounds in a week without feeling starved.

Detoxing and other quick-fix diets can put your health at risk. Mark Tusoy, a runner and a martial arts enthusiast, had to be rushed to the hospital for an organ failure after taking on a drastic diet.

Serious dieting must be supervised by physicians and nutritionists.

The article went on to say that the detox boot camp was supposed to train Rita Ora maintain her diet and her weight. By detox definition, it seems like a long shot, but let’s wait and see.

If you want to lose weight effectively, sign yourself up for a fitness boot camp. We guarantee you that the results will be satisfying, sustainable and healthy.

Tough Mudder Training Workout Week 1

Great workout on Saturday guys.

We kicked off the Tough Mudder training program in Centennial Park.

We session started with a solid hour of strength training – working all the major muscle groups and movement patterns using sledges, battling ropes, kettlebells, medballs, dumbbells, TRX’s, olympic rings and sandbags.

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The Basics of a Fitness Bootcamp in Canada Bay

The Basics of a Fitness Bootcamp in Canada Bay

Boot camp isn’t just for newly-minted army recruits anymore. In the past, the very mention of a “boot camp” brought to mind thoughts of young men in military fatigues running through obstacle courses, practicing shooting, and eating gruel in the canteen, but nowadays boot camp is something very different: A rigorous form of training meant for civilians, not soldiers, who want to get in shape quick.

boot camp canada bay

Not all boot camps in Canada Bay are the same, but the basic concept is similar for them all. Groups of people (usually a total of fifteen to thirty) meet several times a week, often early in the morning, and go through a high-energy workout regimen intended to rapidly improve their strength and conditioning.

Personal trainers take the place of drill sergeants, and friends and neighbors take the place of fellow soldiers. It may not be run by the army, but people who have completed fitness boot camps around Canada Bay say the transformation they experienced was just as dramatic as anything a GI goes through.

Teamwork for Success

The underlying principle of fitness boot camps is simple, and it will be familiar to anyone who’s gone through the army’s basic training: People work harder when they are put together in teams. In a fitness boot camp, the participants are, in essence, a team. They attend every session together, they do all the same exercises, they experience the same fatigue and aches, and they see each other get stronger and more fit at the same time. Fitness boot camps are tough, and the experience encourages the participants to develop a type of camaraderie.

When people complete a Canada Bay bootcamp, they’re doing more than working out alongside other people in a group. The challenge of boot camp (and the hours spent together) encourages the participants to get to know each other. In turn, they start to care about each other’s performance, and the encouragement and accountability that comes with being around other people pushes all the participants to work harder.

Research shows that people work more and better when they know that other people are watching. That’s the basic logic of a boot camp. It forces the participants to share in each other’s success, and that’s why boot camps are so successful at getting people in shape, and why they have become so popular.

Boot Camp Basics

But what, exactly, do people do in boot camp? The specifics vary from instructor to instructor, but many of them do choose to pattern their boot camps on those that actual army recruits endure. In some Canada Bay boot camps, participants do sit-ups and pushups, relay races, barbell and dumbbell work, kickboxing, and sprint drills, many of which are similar to exercises done in the army. Some trainers who run boot camps even have military backgrounds, and they draw on their experiences in the army when planning the drills their students do.

Regardless of the specific exercises, every boot camp organizer makes sure that their boot camp is rigorous, and that it challenges the participants physically as well as mentally. The rationale is that only when the group is challenged will the participants start to pull together, and then get the full benefit of working out in a group.

The other major benefit of a fitness boot camp in Canada Bay, besides the camaraderie, is the speed with which it can get people in shape. Boot camp sessions rarely last more than one hour, mainly because few people could keep up a workout of such intensity for more than a full hour. During the boot camp’s exercises, participants burn several hundred calories, and when they repeat that several times each week, the resulting weight loss can be fast and totally transformational.

But there’s more than just weight loss. Participants in boot camps report feeling stronger, faster, and having greater endurance when they play sports or simply complete physical tasks in their day-to-day lives. And along with that comes improved overall health, from better cardiovascular conditioning to greater concentration and stronger joints.

Intensity and Camaraderie

Could these results be replicated by working out without a group? Maybe. Some people will prefer working out alone, or have the discipline to get up and put themselves through a rigorous workout several times a week. But for the great majority of people, working out is something they dread, and won’t do unless they absolutely have to.

This is especially true when the workouts are demanding and totally fatiguing, both mentally and physically, like the workouts in fitness boot camps are. Most people, if they try to undertake such a regimen on their own, will quit after a few days. They may not mean to quit, but they gradually work out less and less, or have more trouble finding time to go through an entire workout.

That’s the beauty of the fitness boot camp model. Canada Bay’s bootcamps marry a very challenging workout—the type that produces results, and fast—with an intimate support group intended to keep participants engaged, excited, and motivated to keep working out at their maximum capacity. Few other fitness programs have both of these components.

Many fitness gurus recommend that solo exercisers keep their workout programs easy, so they won’t be discouraged from working out day after day after day. On the other hand, most forms of group exercise, like basketball or football, don’t provide the high intensity workout that boot camps do, nor do they target muscle group all over a participants body. But fitness boot camps have both: The intensity, and the support group needed to help participants see the program through to its end.

People who have had trouble succeeding with other forms of exercise should undoubtedly try a fitness boot camp. The changes they can see in the course of just one boot camp—usually four to six weeks—are enormous.

Though participants often have trouble even finishing the first work out, by the last one they are in far better shape and more confident in their physical abilities. And what’s best of all, they get to share their achievements with a group of newfound friends.

Dangerously Fit Boot Camp
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Participate in Invigorating Fitness Training at Bootcamp in Annandale

Participate in Invigorating Fitness Training at Bootcamp in Annandale

At Annandale boot camp, participants are led through high-intensity endurance and cardio fitness routines combined with vigorous strength training. These types of workouts offer one of the quickest methods for getting in shape. With the guidance and support of a professional fitness instructor at boot camp in Annandale, you can be sure that you are following many of the latest exercise techniques that will optimize your results. There are multiple benefits to training at Annandale boot camp.

bootcamp annandale

Strive to Accomplish More at Annandale Boot Camp

Sticking with a regular exercise routine is not an easy task for most people. At boot camp in Annandale, you will have the support that you need to maintain a regular fitness routine, and the fitness routine that you follow will help you to get much more out of the time and effort that you put into exercise. So, if you’d like to up your game and take your fitness training to an entirely new level, Annandale boot camp is one of the best possible solutions.

Have a Blast at Boot Camp in Annandale

While Annandale boot camp is intense and will teach you to discipline yourself in order to achieve a great physique, you will also have a great time at each session. Your fitness instructor and other participants at boot camp in Annandale will provide you with a team of support. Together, you will enjoy a wide variety of fitness challenges. Annandale boot camp offers an energizing way to get out with other people who share your interest in achieving better health while having fun.

Learn to Make the Most of Your Exercise Efforts

If your current exercise routine, or lack thereof, is not providing the results you were hoping for, joining boot camp in Annandale will turn things around for you. You will learn how to perform innovative cardio, strength, and endurance exercises that lead to quick and lasting results. Since all major muscle groups will be targeted at Annandale boot camp, you will be able to develop a toned physique that optimizes your overall health. Instead of wasting time on a watered-down exercise routine that is not getting you anywhere, the professional fitness experts at boot camp in Annandale will spice up your fitness regimen so that every exercise you perform will count towards making significant progress.

Avoid Repetitive Stress or Traumatic Injuries

It’s common for exercisers to become sidelined by a repetitive stress or traumatic injury when following exercise techniques incorrectly. At boot camp in Annandale, your fitness instructor will show you how to perform each exercise using correct form so that you not only get the most out of your efforts but avoid injuries.

Achieve Your Goals

By signing up for boot camp in Annandale today, you will be making a commitment to your health and to achieving your personal fitness goals. In no time at all, you will feel great about your physique, your overall physical health, and will feel a renewed sense of energy that positively affects many areas of your life.

Dangerously Fit Boot Camp
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