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Boot Camp Gold Coast Opening Soon!

Boot Camp Gold Coast Opening Soon!

Updated: 19th August 2016


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Metabolic Conditioning At Boot Camp Gold Coast

If weight loss is your goal, Boot Camp Gold Coast is the perfect place for you. Because we make sure that weight loss happens and your fitness goal is fully achieved.

One kind of workout method that we incorporate into our bootcamp sessions is the Metabolic Conditioning Training Workout. Metabolic Conditioning combines maximum fat burning Cardio with heavy weight lifting workouts done with little rest in between.

To understand it better, here are the elements of an effective metabolic workout.

Dangerously Fit Boot Camp Crew

Dangerously Fit Boot Camp Crew

Elements Of Boot Camp Gold Coast Metabolic Exercises

1. Metabolic Exercises Engage Large Muscle Groups

Maximum energy exertion is required in metabolic exercises. A clearer description would have your spine loaded and your legs having a certain degree of involvement.

2. Metabolic Exercises Are Done In High Intensity

When you’re doing metabolic routines, you will be breathing hard and sweating profusely because you are only allowed very little time for rest in between sets of heavy lifting. Absence of that may mean that you may not have done it properly.

3. Your Muscles Can Feel Burning Sensations In Metabolic Exercise Routines

If you’re doing it correctly, you will feel the effectiveness of your workout through a burning sensation on your muscles.

Common metabolic exercises include Snatch, Squats, Jump lunges and Jump squats with dumbbells, Hang Clean and Press, Push Press and Deadlifts.

Boot Camp Gold Coast Conditioning Workouts

What are Conditioning Workouts? Conditioning Workouts are combinations of resistance training and aerobic exercises focused on strength building and muscle endurance. Conditioning exercises are done one after another with very short rest intervals.

Conditioning training workouts are advisable when you’re targeting different parts of the body. Examples of Conditioningtraining exercises are push ups, pull ups, sit ups, bench dips and bench lifts.

Metabolic + ConditioningTraining Benefits At Boot Camp Gold Coast

Metabolic Conditioning combines the two very efficient and effective workout methods to maximize fat loss.

Incorporating Metabolic Conditioning Training exercises into your regular fitness program can help you break a plateau as your body will respond to the new sets of workout that it’s introduced to. It has also been proven to be very effective for fat burning purposes as metabolic Conditioningtraining taps on the weight loss benefits of EPOC or Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen.

Reaping EPOC Benefits at The Gold CoastBoot Camp

EPOC or Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen means that the body continues to burn calories and lose weight long after workout had ceased. EPOC only happens when you’re subject to activities with high levels of intensity.

There are three ways to achieve EPOC: You can do heavy weight lifting, you can cut down on your rest time and the third is to get into aerobic exercises. In Bootcamp Gold Coast Metabolic Training Workout sessions, you will not only lift heavy weights or cut down on your rest time in between, but you can do both on top of aerobic activity.

To give you an example of how a Metabolic Conditioning workout looks like, here are a couple of workout sets put together by celebrity Personal Trainer Julie Michaelson as posted on Muscle and Strength:

Metabolic ConditioningTraining 1

3 sets of Squats done in reps of 10

3 Sets of Kettlebell Swings done again in reps of 10

3 Sets of Bent Over Single Arm Dumbbell Row in reps of 10 for each arm

Metabolic ConditioningTraining Set 2

3 Sets of Romanian Deadlifts done in reps of 10

3 Sets of Bench Presses done in reps of 10

3 Sets of Bent Over Barbell Row done in reps of 10

Both the first and the second set of Conditioning workouts must be done three times.

It’s Safer To Work Out At Boot Camp Gold Coast Than At Home

Although some people do these sets of workouts at home, it is best not to be overconfident about it. Weight lifting exercises are done with extra caution especially if you are a beginner or someone who have only gone through personal training a few times.

Some of these exercises seem easy to do, but just because you can lift a kettlebell, it doesn’t mean that you know the proper way of using it for your workouts.

It is always best to have a certified Personal Trainer like the ones at Dangerously Fit Boot Camp Gold Coast to oversee your workouts so you can avoid acquiring injuries. It is also important to remember to check your heart rate and make sure that you’re working along your fitness level.

Gold Coast Boot Camps will be able to provide you with the appropriate training you need in order for you to perform these workouts in the right posture and position. 

If you want effective weight loss, sign up for a fitness boot camp.

Brit Pop Singer Rita Ora Checks Into Detox Boot Camp

The buzz now is that Brit singing sensation, Rita Ora has checked herself into an extreme weight loss boot camp as part of her preparation for the launch of her new album.

Who can forget Beyonce’s detox diet of maple syrum, lemon and cayenne for her role in the movie, Dream girls? She successfully lost 20 pounds but discourages anyone to do as she did. Although she successfully shed the weight in time for her role, something must have felt wrong in the process for her to adamantly discourage others to do it.

If you want effective weight loss, sign up for a fitness boot camp.

If you want effective weight loss, sign up for a fitness boot camp.

Weight Loss By Detox Boot Camp May Deliver Quick Results But…

There’s no denying it. Most detox diets bring fast results since most are fluid-based. Physicians and fitness experts warn, though, that although you can lose the pounds fast while at it, you are most likely to gain it back once you’re off it. A diet based on fluids is unsustainable and unhealthy.

What people need to understand is that Beyonce’s detox diet may have been successful but it was also a short-lived success. Years later, media had her “un-endorsing” the lettuce diet she took on in preparation for a Superbowl performance.

The problem with detox diets is that it slows down the body’s metabolism; once you’re off it and you’ve started eating again, your body will transform most of what you eat into fats. Detox diets also cause you to have low energy levels, low blood sugar, you’ll experience muscle fatigue, dizziness and even nausea.

Here’s an article on

According to the The Daily Mail, the food was mainly boiled potatoes and broths and the bootcamp participants are made to chew their food at a minimum of 30 times. A trick many diet experts recommend as chewing longer feel full.For some unknown reason pop starlet Rita Ora has been spending time at the world’s toughest fat camp. The 22-year-old recently checked into the Viva Mayr clinic aka the home of gruelling detoxes, in Austria, spending £1,500-a-night for the privilege.

A Healthier Diet Alternative For Detox Boot Camp

Instead of just going for fluids backed by pills and herb supplements that practically have no proof of effectiveness, you can go for a diet alternative of whole fruits, vegetables, fiber, lean protein, low-fat dairy and whole grains and limit your food intake to up to 1,600 calories in a day. This will successfully ease you into losing about 2 to 3 pounds in a week without feeling starved.

Detoxing and other quick-fix diets can put your health at risk. Mark Tusoy, a runner and a martial arts enthusiast, had to be rushed to the hospital for an organ failure after taking on a drastic diet.

Serious dieting must be supervised by physicians and nutritionists.

The article went on to say that the detox boot camp was supposed to train Rita Ora maintain her diet and her weight. By detox definition, it seems like a long shot, but let’s wait and see.

If you want to lose weight effectively, sign yourself up for a fitness boot camp. We guarantee you that the results will be satisfying, sustainable and healthy.

Joining bootcamps in the morning increases your chances of being consistent with your fitness plan

Open Your Day With An Early Morning Bootcamp

Bootcamp what is and what `ain’t

Starting the day with exercise has always been considered ideal.  People who show up for early morning bootcamps say that working out in the morning have enhanced their performance all throughout the day, providing them with the energy they need for the tasks and challenges up ahead.

Joining bootcamps in the morning increases your chances of being consistent with your fitness plan

Joining bootcamps in the morning increases your chances of being consistent with your fitness plan

But first, let’s make some things clear.

The theory stating that early morning exercise increases the body’s metabolic rate, triggering it to burn off fats for fuel instead of carbohydrates since there are none available has been debunked; instead, studies clarify that the body burns 80% of the carbohydrates while you’re sleeping and burns through the remaining 20% when you work it off in the morning.

The theory, which results with a drop on your sugar level, only concludes that the brain will lack the fuel that it needs to function properly.

The solution? Provide the body with more carbs to burn. Eat your breakfast.

Benefits of Morning Bootcamps

Early morning bootcamps have many benefits. To start off with the practical ones, you get to avoid inhaling air pollution since there are still not many cars speeding around.

There are also fewer people awake. There’ll be less chances of anyone feeling inconvenienced in any way by your group’s activities.

On the other hand, exercise will give you that boost of energy that you need to get you pumped up for the day. Many people claim that they are more “inspired” for the day when they exercise in the morning resulting in better performance and more productive results.

Here’s an article on Tampa Bay Times:

Politicos Join Early Morning Bootcamp

While most folks were fast asleep or starting to hit their snooze buttons, a small group of politicos were getting sweaty as they ran up and down the steps of the Old Capitol.

They had a Tampa Republican to blame. Rep. Dana Young asked Shannon Colavecchio to relocate one of her regular bootcamps to the Capitol complex during this year’s legislative session. Colavecchio works in public relations by day, but on nights, early mornings and weekends she is chief butt-kicker at Badass Fitness.

The Capitol Badass Bootcamp held Wednesdays at 6 a.m. has been growing every week. Sixteen people, including this Times/Herald reporter, attended this week’s workout.

According to scientific studies, early morning light that enters the eye retinas send signals to the brain, which, in effect, positively influences a person’s appetite, temperature, blood pressure and sleeping cycle.

Although in terms of weight loss, strength training and all that, early morning exercise does not reap results any better than exercise at any other time of the day; you get the same results in those.

However, doing your workout much later, like after work or in the evenings may disrupt your sleeping routines which can cause health problems later on. So, it’s really much more advisable to get it all done in the morning when you can use the energy you’ve gathered to soar through your day.

Joining early morning bootcamps also increases your chances of being consistent with your fitness plan. Have you ever noticed that morning hours seem quick to fly you by?

That’s the thing with exercising in the mornings. If it’s the first thing you do, there’ll be less chances of slacking off or giving in to excuses such as being too tired from the day’s work and all that. Before you know it, you’ve completed your set of bootcamp sessions and enjoying the rewards of your hard work.

We have sessions scheduled as early as 6:o0 A.M. in different locations. Come and get yourself all revved up for the day by signing up for our bootcamps in Sydney.

Dangerously Fit Personal Trainers Keep A Sharp Eye On The People Assigned To Them

Bootcamps Are Dangerous When…

Fit-4-Life Founder Kevin Hensel recently released a supposed public service announcement via a video stating that bootcamps are dangerous and do not benefit anyone in their pursuit for fitness.

The lead Cherry Hill Personal Trainer reasons that so many people in their community have signed up for bootcamps but have not experienced any improvement in their health. He says that his company had stopped its bootcamp program a year ago and explained why.

Dangerously Fit Personal Trainers Keep A Sharp Eye On The People Assigned To Them

Dangerously Fit Personal Trainers Keep A Sharp Eye On The People Assigned To Them

re bootcamps really hazardous? Let’s break down Hensel’s reasons for halting his own bootcamp and analyze:

Reasons Why Bootcamps Can Be Dangerous (And Why Dangerously Fit Is An Exception)

1.“In a group setting its impossible to give individualized form corrections…”

Because a bootcamp is a group fitness program, there is more than one person to monitor. There is a tendency for the fitness coach or instructor to miss an individual performing a physical task incorrectly especially if there is only one coach for a very large group.

Dangerously fit bootcamps put the members in groups of 18 people at maximum. This grouping system is based on the fitness capability of the participants and every group is assigned a personal trainer to oversee their workouts.

We can never stress this enough: Personal trainers for bootcamps must be certified. Being certified means you have been tested for your ability to oversee the workout progress of others, both in one-on-one and group settings.

Certified Personal Trainers know that before assigning a participant to a group, he must first look into his medical history, his body statistics, his level of activeness and all factors that determine the level of his fitness capability. He knows the science of all of this and is able to assess properly what exercises the person needs and the progression suitable and applicable for his workout.

A trained and experienced personal trainer keeps a sharp eye on every person in his group and knows better to carefully explain and demonstrate the new workout routines to his team. He doesn’t leave them to figure out the exercises on their own.

What’s more is that he is also trained for emergency situations and can respond to them appropriately and efficiently.

Now, if the bootcamp personal trainer doesn’t have all these qualities, then you’re definitely in for trouble.

2. Inability to “track weekly body measurements”.

A group of 18 is easier to monitor in terms of the progress of their workouts especially if there is a developed system in doing this.

Members of Dangerously fit bootcamps have body measurements done every six weeks, at the six-week body transformation classes.

3. “…and we couldn’t give customized nutritional counseling.”

Dangerously fit encourages all its members to follow the optimum nutrition program created by Sydney’s leading nutritionist, Rachel Jones.

But even then, every member has online access to our personal trainers and nutritionists who take time to answer queries and discuss concerns and anything pertaining to their training.

Here’s the main article on Yahoo! News:

How Bootcamps Can Cause Injury

Hensel also states, “Bootcamps, CrossFit, and similar group training programs are really popular right now because you don’t need any equipment or space and you don’t have to have any qualifications or training to start one. You can make a lot of money working with multiple participants at one time, but poorly qualified instructors, limited exercise variety, little or no nutritional counseling, and no form correction are a recipe for getting injured or quitting.”

This leads us to Hensel’s main reason why he decided that bootcamps are no good.

4. “…you don’t have to have any qualifications or training to start one.”

Dangerously personal trainers are at the highest level of training , experience and capability in the field, holding certificates 3 & 4 in Personal Training, have advanced training in First Aid and are all insured up to $20,000,000 in client liability.

These standards have been set by the company’s founder and fitness expert, Dan Clay which sets apart Dangerously fit bootcamps from its competitors.

To be more objective about it, bootcampscan be considered ill- effective and are likely to cause you damage than benefits if the people handling it are not fully trained and capable of running it. The personal trainers are the heart and soul of these bootcamp programs. What you need to do is to check thoroughly and look for the ones who do have a good track record among their participants, past and present in terms of delivery of results and excellence in the services they offer.

Be trained by the best in Sydney. Sign up with Dangerously fit bootcamps.