Fitness Instructor Sarah Groves Gave Her Attacker A Hard Fight But Didn't Survive The Wounds On Her Neck And Lung
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Fitness Instructor Found Stabbed In India

Brit Fitness Instructor Killed By Drug-Crazed Dutch

A British Fitness Instructor was recently stabbed to death in India. 24-year old Sarah Groves was staying at a houseboat-type hotel inSrinagarfor about a month before she was murdered by Dutch Richard De Wit who checked into the hotel two days prior to the incident. De Wit was allegedly high on heroin.

Sarah Groves, a native of Guernsey, worked for a gym at the five-star Old Government House Hotel in St. Peter Port. Before she left the island, she posted on her Facebook page, “’Quit your job, buy a ticket, get a tan, fall in love, never return.”

Fitness Instructor Sarah Groves Gave Her Attacker A Hard Fight But Didn't Survive The Wounds On Her Neck And Lung CC by Walt Stoneburner,

Fitness Instructor Sarah Groves Gave Her Attacker A Hard Fight But Didn’t Survive The Wounds On Her Neck And Lung
CC by Walt Stoneburner,

She only planned to stay in Srinagar for a couple of days but met and fell in love with Saeed Shoda, the son of the owner of the houseboat hotel. Her boyfriend was out visiting friends on the night of the murder. It was Saeed’s brother who found the fitness instructor’s lifeless body in her room after his father sent him to check on the noise that they heard.

Fitness Instructor Fought Her Attacker

According to the police, Sarah Groves had 45 stab wounds, but that most of them were found to be defensive wounds; the personal trainer had fought back hard against her attacker but didn’t survive the knife going through one of her lung and another on her neck.

The British fitness coach is said to be a climber and had participated in a climb at Mount Kilimanjaro for the benefit of children inAfrica. Before her death, she and her boyfriend, Saeed, were planning on going on a holiday trek.

Here’s an article on

British Fitness Instructor Killed In Srinagar

A Dutch tourist has confessed to killing a British fitness instructor on aKashmirhouseboat, Indian police claimed on Sunday.A post mortem examination found that Sarah Groves had bled to death from 45 stab wounds and witnesses said the scene was covered in blood.

Richard De Wit, 43, from Holland, was arrested in the early hours of Saturday after he fled the New Beauty houseboat where the 24-year-old personal trainer from Guernsey was found dead.

Perhaps, if the knife had not punctured a lung or had penetrated that vein in her neck; or maybe if help as able to make it to her room in time, the young fitness instructor would have lived. Police files show that she gave her murderer a good fight.

Here are 3 things to consider with regards to your safety when you travel:

 Traveling Safety Measures For Fitness enthusiasts (and others)

 1. As much as possible, be with a companion.

When you’re with someone on a trip, there is a bigger chance that someone will keep an eye out for you as will be keeping an eye on him. Two is always better than one in terms of traveling safety.

 2. Check into well-secured hotels.

When traveling in a foreign land, it’s still best to check for hotels that have a good security system and where a little disturbance will be unusual to other hotel guests.

 3. Learn Self-Defense Techniques

If you’ve been doing fitness training for sometime, know that you are already at an advantage because you are already strong from all the cardio, strength and resistance trainings. That, presence of mind and self-defense skills will be a powerful (and wise) combination.

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Zumba Fitness Instructor Alexis Wright Is Expecting A 10-Month Jail Sentence On May 31
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Zumba Fitness Instructor In Trial For Prostitution

Alexis Wright seemed like a regular Zumba fitness instructor until the community of people from Portland found out that everything that they were seeing had been a lie. Behind it all is a thriving prostitution business.

Ms. Wright will be facing the charges against her which included engaging in prostitution, promotion of prostitution, conspiracy with her “business” partner, tax evasion and theft by deception, among others.

Zumba Fitness Instructor Alexis Wright Is Expecting A 10-Month Jail Sentence On May 31 CC by roanokecollege,

Zumba Fitness Instructor Alexis Wright Is Expecting A 10-Month Jail Sentence On May 31
CC by roanokecollege,

Alexis Wright attended college at night and was teaching dance fitness classes in the local parks and recreation centers before striking up a deal with insurance agent, Mark Strong, Sr.

Mark Strong was jailed for 20 days and faces charges that include the promotion of prostitution.

Here’s the article on CBS News:

Fitness Instructor And Her Business Partner Kept Videos And Ledgers

The messages between fitness instructor Alexis Wright and insurance agent Mark Strong Sr. were obtained Tuesday through a records request by the. The communications included spreadsheets Wright used to keep track of her clients, with names, dates, times, sex acts and payments.

Wright pleaded guilty last month to 20 counts including prostitution for using her studio in Kennebunk, a village known more for its sea captains’ homes and beaches than for crime, as a front for prostitution. Strong was convicted of 13 counts.

Fitness Instructor Accused Of Pornography And Exhibitionism

Alexis Wright was found to have been recording her “client encounters” with a camera without their consent or knowledge.

Evidences that had been gathered against the fitness instructor and her “business partner” included ledgers of how much money she’s been paid with, what services she had provided and so forth, to recorded conversations with these men. Her list of “clients” included a former mayor, a hockey placer, a minister, and a lawyer.

According to a Huffington Post report, Mark Strong, Sr had been “overseeing” these sex videos through his office computer 100 miles away. He is a married man with two children and a successful businessman, with an above-thriving insurance agency in Thomaston.

A single mom, 30-year old Ms. Wright had pleaded guilty to all 20 counts, expecting a sentence of 10 months in jail. Her business partner, on the other hand, has served 15 days in jail and was released this month. His lawyers provided a picture of a man who have not profited from the prostitution operation set up at the Kennebunk fitnessstudio and was only heavily infatuated with a younger woman, causing him to make bad moral decisions.

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Winter Newsletter

Winter Newsletter

Winter is finally here… and so far it’s been kind to us, hopefully, the good weather continues for a couple more months!

It’s been a while since my last newsletter…. I’ve just got back from an extended trip to Spain to see my family, I can’t believe it’s been 3 years since my last trip, where does the time go?

Here’s a picture of the family at my dad’s 70th birthday…


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6-Week Body Challenge

In March at Dangerously Fit we wrapped up the summer 6-week body challenge with many excellent results (as usual). Congratulations to our new 6 Week Body Challenge winners Marianne YM and Marc Michiels.


This awesome couple is an inspiration for everybody.

Marianne, who also won our last 6WB in September losing 9.7kg and 11.93% of her bodyweight, not only maintained those results over Xmas but lost a further 1kg before commencing with this challenge.

In the last 6 weeks, Marianne lost another 7.1kg and 10.03% of her bodyweight. In total, Marianne has now lost 17.6kg and 21.65% of her total body weight since starting her first challenge in late September.

Her partner Marc started this 6 Week Body Challenge at 72.5kg and lost 9.1kg, with a total body weight loss of 12.55%. A fantastic result in just 6 short weeks!

The Winners Will Receive the Following Prizes;

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Well done to everyone for completing the challenge, there were so many excellent results that we don’t have the room to post them all on here, but here are the top 3 results for the male and female categories;

Marianne Michiels lost 7.1kg and 10.03% of her total bodyweight
Katie Finsterer lost 7.8kg and 9.97% of her total bodyweight
Lisa Kirkwood lost 6.8kg and 8.39% of her total bodyweight

Marc Michiels lost 9.1kg and 12.55% of his total bodyweight
David Reynolds lost 9.9kg and 12.07% of his total bodyweight
Adam Perczuk lost 7.2kg and 8.47% of his total bodyweight

Great effort guys!

I look forward to helping you reach your fitness goals in our next 6-Week Body Challenge!


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gold coast

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DF Photo Gallery

6 Week Body Week 1 in Bondi Beach

cooper park

6 Week Body Week 2 in Cooper Park

queens park

6 Week Body Week 3 in Queens Park

week 4

6 Week Body Week 4 in Moore Park



6 Week Body Week 6 in Kippax Lake

6 Week Body Week 6 in Kippax Lake

 Our 6 Week Body Singlets

Our 6 Week Body Singlets

Bondi BoxFit

Bondi BoxFit

Coogee Cross Training

Coogee Cross Training

Friday Morning Yoga Class in Bondi

Friday Morning Yoga Class in Bondi

DF Trainers with the Wallabies

DF Trainers with the Wallabies


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Policemen need to take their fitness seriously as their lives and other people's lives depend on them.

Police Fitness: Why We Need The Law Enforcers To Be Physically Fit

Policemen are very important people to us. Just the sight of them makes us feel safe and protected because we know that when trouble arises, we can count on them to come to our aid. It may sound a bit self-absorbed but their fitness matters a lot to us because it is when they are healthy that we feel that they are capable to help our families.

Policemen need to take their fitness seriously as their lives and other people's lives depend on them.

Policemen need to take their fitness seriously as their lives and other people’s lives depend on them.

What fitness does it take to be a policeman?

We all know that it takes a certain level of physical ability to be able to perform well on the job. Although the standard is not as high as that of soldiers, policemen need to be able to carry out his physical duties; some of which require strength and endurance.

A person signing up for the police force must be able to pass a fitness test which doesn’t just involve running, lifting or dodging empty bullets. It’s an overall checkup which includes the eyesight, medical history and health issues.

What we don’t always see on our favorite TV shows is that policemen have a variety of duties other than just tailing a suspected criminal or running after a bank robber; their job is a combination of field work that can get really exciting and dangerous at the same time and the boring paperwork.

There is a lot of paperwork and dealing with people behavior; but the ability to react appropriately and accordingly to situations, emergency or otherwise, is top priority especially because lives would be at stake.

The crime rate in New Zealandhas been down for years, you’d imagine that their law enforcers are probably just sitting it out and getting paid for it; but `ain’t that far from the truth! A 60-year old police commissioner voluntarily went through a fitness test in his determination to stay in the list of officers that are “operationally deployed”.

Here’s a bit of that story on The New Zealand Herald:

60-Year Old Police Commissioner Passes Fitness Test

Police Commissioner Peter Marshall has put many of his junior officers to shame, completing the police fitness test with plenty of time to spare.

The 59-year-old had three minutes and 26 seconds to complete his physical competency test (PCT), but came in at two minutes and 56 seconds.

The test is not a requirement for commissioned officers, but Mr Marshall said he felt it was the right thing to do as the leader of the police force.

Policemen should take their fitness seriously whether they’re assigned a desk or are sent out on the field. Their lives, as well as other people’s lives, depend on it.

Here’s a video of one of our group training in Sydney:

Fitness is what we are all about. Register for our Dangerously Fit group training and get into the best physical condition you can ever be.