Fed up with yo-yo dieting??

I’ve been getting a few questions recently about the latest weight loss shake doing the rounds here in Australia. Basically, people want to know if it’s a load of BS or if they should give it a go. First though, you gotta understand how weight loss actually works. For you to be the weight that…


Will a night out at the footy kill me?

In case you missed it… we have a FRE.E 7-Day Kick Start Challenge opening tomorrow. If you want in, just join our support Facebook group Click here. See on the inside! Dan Clay P.S. you must join the Facebook group if you want access to the challenge. Doors close midnight tonight. -> Click here


Are You Lacking Motivation?

Yesterday I was having a chat with a lady on phone about joining our January 6-Week Challenge. She said she was struggling to find the motivation to get started. That in the past she’d hired personal trainers, followed diets and joined gyms… and that nothing worked. I feel for this lady because I’ve seen it…

7-Day Dad Bod Challenge

Our FREE online 7-day Dad Body Challenge kicked off today helping fathers over 40 rid themselves of the dreaded dad bod. If you’re a father over 40 and want to drop a few kilos fast, it’s not to late jump on board. You can join the challenge for FREE at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/dangerouslyfitdads/

Thailand 7-day Health and Fitness Retreat (1)

Thailand Fitness Boot Camp

Don’t Pack On The Kilos This Xmas… Become Dangerously Fit! Thailand 7-day Health and Fitness Retreat. Xmas is coming soon and with it the festive season. At no other time of year will you drink more, eat more and exercise less. So instead of sitting around this Xmas packing on the kilos, why not use…


It’s your fault you’re fat

WARNING: This post is controversial; if you’re easily offended DO NOT continue reading. Recently I was in a busy deal that went sour. My business partner didn’t honor promises which cost me a lot of time and money. At no time did I ever I blame my partner though, the fault was mine. There’s an…